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Kicking Goals at Melton Phoenix Soccer Club

The DIB team were happy to be kicking goals at Melton Phoenix Soccer Club recently when they asked us to install a flexible use audiovisual system in their social room. As you can see from the photos, rooms like this present a number of challenges, and you have to select the right display for the […]... Read More »

Do you know the score?

Do you know the score? Now this question can be answered easily by attendees at Yarra Valley Grammar’s Patterson Oval. Their brand new scoreboard has the score beautifully presented in bright lights on the amazing Aurora Outdoor LED Wall. Technically speaking it is an Aurora LUX Range 6400mm Wide x 3200mm High LED Wall. Aurora […]... Read More »

Commbox are helping you manage

Commbox are helping you manage Did you know there is a cloud-based and bundled free value add in every Commbox product?  It is called CommBox-Manage, and it will make your life significantly easier when it comes to remote management of your school or organisation’s screen resources.  CommBox Manage is an easy to use cloud platform […]... Read More »

The New Age Gymnasium and LED Walls

The New Age Gymnasium and LED Walls In years gone by, the gymnasium at a school was the forgotten space when it came to school IT investment. Classrooms and science labs were the favoured spaces for projectors, interactive whiteboards and cameras.  Part of the reason for this was the preferred products for gymnasiums were long-throw […]... Read More »

Lumens are putting the smooth in PTZ

Lumens are putting the smooth in PTZ. The Lumens – VC-R30 is a Pan Tilt Zoom Camera. It features a 12x zoom and provides 1080p resolution at a frame rate of 60 frames per second. The onboard Sony 1/2.8 inch image sensor means you’ll get great quality and professional imaging. One of the great features […]... Read More »

Newsletter Issue #64 Summary

We thought we’d give you a quick executive summary of our latest print newsletter which has just been sent out to our customers. So here goes. Welcome to Issue #64 of our Newsletter, delivered as requested via email to you.  A PDF copy of the full newsletter is available for download on our website. Or […]... Read More »

Our KNX partnership was an automatic choice

Our KNX partnership was an automatic choice We’ve been interested in KNX from the instant we heard the term. So we are pleased to now announce that DIB Audiovisual is a KNX Partner Company here in Australia. Before we go any further, what exactly is the purpose of KNX? Organisations are demanding simpler and more […]... Read More »

Kicking Goals at Galvin Park

Kicking Goals at Galvin Park Wyndham City has recently completed the development of the Galvin Park Soccer Pavilion investing $3.8 million in the redevelopment.  This project included the demolition of the existing pavilion and construction of two new pavilions that now feature a large community room, six new change rooms that meet modern standards and […]... Read More »

Arming Presenters with all the tools

In a recent project for University High School, our team made some important AV upgrades to one of the schools lecture rooms. All with the aim of arming presenters with all the tools needed for an effective presentation or lesson. Any great presenter wants to have great tools at their disposal during a presentation. Nothing […]... Read More »

Improving learning by 400%

Improving learning by 400% Research by the iconic brand company 3M, found that visual aids improve learning by over 400%. This is one of the reasons that audiovisual systems have become so popular in both business and school environments. Other research says that different people learn in different ways. By combining visuals and sound, we […]... Read More »