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Digital Signage systems can be used to display anything from school timetables to menus at restaurants. It has become increasingly popular in the education sector. DIB Australia is ideally placed to specify, supply and install a fully integrated digital signage solution to meet your school or company’s requirements. As well as installing market leading brands of hardware and software, we can also assist with your implementation and training requirements.

Take a look at our Digital Signage portfolio to see how we have helped our clients create effective digital signage systems.

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Recent Digital Signage Installations

Digital signage installs for Richmond Recreation Centre

Yarra Leisure’s Richmond Recreation Centre provides a wide range of sporting facilities for the whole community. These services include a 50-metre indoor swimming pool, which is used by Olympians and other elite athletes, gyms, group fitness studios, as well as spas, saunas and steam rooms. DIB worked with Yarra Leisure in placing more digital signage […]... Read More »

St John Vianney’s staff room fitted with new LED panel

St. John Vianney’s prides itself on not only providing a high quality education, but fostering a vibrant, faith-centred learning community where students feel safe and supported as they engage with a comprehensive, thorough curriculum. St. John Vianney’s focuses on literacy, numeracy and religious education, taught by highly dedicated and professional teaching staff who always have […]... Read More »

A towering display wall for Melbourne Grammar

In providing a comprehensive, fulfilling education to nearly 2,000 students, Melbourne Grammar School prides itself in attaining and maintaining its long history of academic excellence. Melbourne Grammar’s ethos is founded on the desire to support its students during their intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social development. Melbourne Grammar strives to provide high-quality learning for its students, […]... Read More »

New Digital Signage Products

Large screen LED Display range from Commbox

Large screen LED display’s are starting to enter the realms of affordability and are arriving packed with great features.  The NEW range of Commbox Commercial (non-touch) displays come in sizes 55″, 70″ 75″ and 84″.  All are full commercial displays rated for 24/7 operation (not really needed in the classroom/boardroom – but demonstrates reliability) and […]... Read More »

BrightSign leading the way in Digital Signage Players

So, how exactly does that content get onto that massive TV behind the reception desk? Well, it’s most likely that a Digital Signage Player, like BrightSign, has been used. BrightSign are the global market leader for Digital Signage Players. A key reason behind this position is that BrightSign offer an all-inclusive solution. This includes the […]... Read More »