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Audiovisual systems for business need to be unobtrusive and should blend into the environment. DIB Australia have been installing systems in boardrooms and meeting rooms for over twenty years.

While you want it to be what makes your meetings more engaging, you do not want it to be the focus of your room. We can help design and install the right system for your needs, be it a room that will be used for video conferencing or just for meetings and presentations.

We can help design a system that is well concealed and out of your way, causing no clutter or unsightly tangled mess in your boardroom. We can also add automated control systems with user friendly interfaces which can be used to dim the lights, lower a screen, turn on sound and projection systems and much more.

DIB Australia has been installing audiovisual systems for business around Melbourne for over twenty years, and many have been clients for that entire time.

We are passionate about quality products and smart, professional design and install for a reason. Anybody who has ever attended a presentation where the sound was poor, or the visuals difficult to see – it can get in the way of the intended communication.

This is why we put some much energy into considering the space into which we are installing the projector screen or space. For example, hard surfaces and glasses can cause sound to bounce around the room requiring careful choice of speakers. Or projector installation points may require us to select a more compatible lens or a brighter projector in the design and specification stage.

The team at DIB are all about creating effective and workable boardroom and meeting room environments using the multiple sensory experience that high quality audiovisual equipment can bring to a space.

Take a look at our Boardroom portfolio to see how we have helped schools and corporates achieve a sophisticated boardroom space.

As always we remove and responsibly recycle any old equipment to divert it from landfill. A key plank of our commitment to sustainability and becoming a carbon neutral organisation.

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