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Shepherding in a new era for Chobani

Shepherding in a new era for Chobani

Back in 2005, Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder and Global CEO took out a loan to buy an old Yoghurt plant in New York. In 2011, the business he founded – Chobani – was launched in Australia and has since gone on to become one of the largest Yoghurt brands in Australia. The word – Chobani – is derived from the Turkish word for Shepherd and the Chobani team certainly lives their values of business being a force for good.

The team at DIB Audiovisual were referred by one of our clients to the project manager in charge of the renovation of the Chobani Australian headquarters. We were delighted to help them shepherd in a new era of audiovisual systems for this project. Chobani was a great company to work with and they were reasonable, practical and diligent in sharing our aim of designing a great AV system that would work for every user of the system.

In this case, we designed an A/V system to facilitate different meeting room requirements as well as running functions and training staff.

The main challenge we had was to design video conferencing spaces where the workflow was simple for the user. A one-touch video conference system based on Microsoft Teams was the primary system chosen by Chobani.

In designing the system, we addressed lots of small details such as ensuring they could connect using HDMI or wirelessly. At the forefront of our solution was ensuring the system was super simple including where to put each connection. We worked hard to recommend hardware solutions that ensured the best result in every room. This included equipment from Logitech, as well as Sennheiser microphones. We catered for indoor and outdoor areas.

There were a number of meeting rooms in this project, and a great example of the planning and design that went into this project were the three larger meeting rooms, which shared operable walls, and each of them can now operate with standalone video systems, or they can be opened up to create a large presentation environment. Indeed, the third meeting room opens into a kitchen area and then out into the main entry/café area, and all of these audio zones could be joined to facilitate larger, gatherings and presentations.

When we were invited to be involved in the project, construction was already well-advanced. This presents challenges of time pressure, but also in ensuring the audiovisual is taken into account in the design.  All of the rooms featured meeting room booking panels. A small 7-inch colour screen is placed outside each room and advises if the room is booked for a meeting and how far away that meeting is and what that meeting is called.

We integrated these panels into the AV system in each room so that the AV system would turn on ready for the meeting. They are also motion sensors in each room so that when the meeting is finished and people leave the room the system will automatically turn off. This design makes the process of using the meeting rooms as seamless and simple as possible.

This project was driven by core values that are synergistic with the way DIB likes to work. Namely, simplicity of operation for end users, highly functional/quality of performance and sustainability in terms of both waste minimisation and cost-effectiveness. DIB Audiovisual worked closely with various members of the Chobani team, as well as the project management company to ensure an optimum outcome.

Simplicity was a cornerstone of the project from the start. Careful attention to the workflow, and what Chobani wanted to do in each room, and making sure users required the smallest number of button presses possible. DIB Audiovisual addressed the smallest details to ensure a great user experience. Our value for money, attention to detail and referral from another client supported Chobani’s decision to engage DIB for this project.

As far as equipment goes, we used Extron control systems, Logitech Video Conferencing, PTZ Cameras, Sennheiser Microphones and a variety of other high-quality assets.

We completed this project right in the middle of the COVID Pandemic and all the attendant logistics and meeting problems.

DIB Audiovisual chose products primarily based on their suitability to the project requirements but also closely followed by availability. As it turned out the building was finished before all of the AV equipment was available, and that was not unusual during this time. In fact, the supply of quality audiovisual equipment continues to affect project timelines to this day.

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