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New Digital Signage Products

The New Age Gymnasium and LED Walls

The New Age Gymnasium and LED Walls In years gone by, the gymnasium at a school was the forgotten space when it came to school IT investment. Classrooms and science labs were the favoured spaces for projectors, interactive whiteboards and cameras.  Part of the reason for this was the preferred products for gymnasiums were long-throw […]... Read More »

Large screen LED Display range from Commbox

Large screen LED display’s are starting to enter the realms of affordability and are arriving packed with great features.  The NEW range of Commbox Commercial (non-touch) displays come in sizes 55″, 70″ 75″ and 84″.  All are full commercial displays rated for 24/7 operation (not really needed in the classroom/boardroom – but demonstrates reliability) and […]... Read More »

BrightSign leading the way in Digital Signage Players

So, how exactly does that content get onto that massive TV behind the reception desk? Well, it’s most likely that a Digital Signage Player, like BrightSign, has been used. BrightSign are the global market leader for Digital Signage Players. A key reason behind this position is that BrightSign offer an all-inclusive solution. This includes the […]... Read More »

Solstice wireless screen connection

A new product to DIB and not yet fully evaluated this looks exciting.  Soltice by Mersive is a hardware agnostic software product designed to allow multiple people operating different wireless devices to jointly collaborate on the one wireless display. Check out this video link for more information and stay tuned as we fully evaluate its […]... Read More »

DVC Digital Signage

DVC Digital Signage has been specifically designed to suit the needs of education by providing highly graphical simple to use scheduling software that takes advantage of common content creation tools, such as Power Point and Video etc. This ensures that stunning content can be created without having to dedicate a full time staff member to run the system.... Read More »

TouchIT Outdoor – IP Rated LED Screens

Looking to use an LED for outdoor signage or for an outdoor touch applicaton? No problem. Would you like to use digital signage in harsh environments such as at the beach where there are high salt levels or in open exposed areas with bright sunlight? No problem. The TouchIT range of outdoor products will suit your needs.... Read More »

OneLan Digital Signage – Solving the Content Dilemma

Over the years we have worked with many digital signage system and they have all had their strengths and weakness's. A common weakness or limitation for many of them though has been the user interface and software that user have had to learn in order to keep the content up to date. ... Read More »

BrightSign Digital Signage

For great value and robust digital signage, it’s hard to go past BrightSign. These small solid state players can not only operate as networked or standalone devices, but they store their media on solid state SD Card memory and run on a robust purpose built OS. The most basic products can still support RSS feeds, […]... Read More »