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DVC Digital Signage

DVC Digital Signage has been specifically designed to suit the needs of
education by providing highly graphical simple to use scheduling software that takes advantage of common content creation tools, such as Power Point and Video etc. This ensures that stunning content can be created without having to dedicate a full time staff member to run the system.

While most other systems are only able to broadcast to TVs and Plasmas or require additional licensing at considerable cost, DVC signage has ability to send content/messages to laptops, PC’s and Interactive White Boards.


  • Send any content to any Plasma, TV, PC, Laptop or IWB
  • Send scrolling text messages
  • Send live TV and Foxtel
  • Turn the plasma or TV on if a message is sent to it
  • Emergency Evacuation – at a click of a single button, DVC will send the applicable emergency evacuation messages to all rooms and buildings
  • Schedule content to be sent at a particular time/date
  • Create Zones or send to individual displays
  • Turn display devices on/off automatically when content is sent

Diagram of Commbox DVC system for schools

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