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No credibility for bad sound

No credibility for bad sound. Recent research released by the University of Southern California and the Australian National University has proven what many of us intuitively knew. We don’t like events and presentations with poor audio. But it goes even further than just a mild distaste or revulsion from the content. We actually don’t believe […]... Read More »

Time for a Springclean of your Audiovisual System

Time for a spring clean of your Audiovisual System? “Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of divine discontent and longing.” So said Kenneth Graham of Mole in Wind in the Willows. Some researchers trace the […]... Read More »

Plan Ahead to Avoid Equipment Delays

Plan Ahead to Avoid Equipment Delays Apart from the disruptions to our lives, school and work due to the Pandemic there have been other issues such as distribution and supply. The DIB Audiovisual team would definitely recommend that you increase your planning schedules and get started as soon as possible on future AV works requirements..  […]... Read More »

New Epson projector range – Laser units

Epson are without doubt the leading projector company on the planet. DIB is a platinum partner of Epson and we’re delighted to let you know about some of the latest models available in the Epson range.  By way of example, there is the Epson EB-PU2010WNL. Powered by 3LCD technology and Epson’s laser optical engine, the […]... Read More »

uConnect Soundhouse HA System

The uConnect Soundhouse HA System will allow hearing-impaired students and event attendees to benefit from the highest quality sound. With direct transmission to hearing aids. Ensuring your audiovisual system is accessible to all students and attendees is an important goal for organisations and schools. For students with learning difficulties, the intelligibility of speech is important.  […]... Read More »

Poly Studio – Premium USB Video Bar

Poly Studio – Premium USB Video Bar Whether you want to make a persuasive point or a lasting connection, you need technology that lets you interact naturally. So put the days of frustrating video-conferencing experiences behind you. Now you can see and hear everyone clearly, and converse naturally, with Poly Studio. Simple USB connectivity gets […]... Read More »

Commbox are all Class with new stand range

The Commbox range is a leading solution for education. With a variety of stands suitable for your requirements, coupled to the Commbox Classic Hardware known as the toughest touchscreen on the market. The Classic Interactive touchscreen for rich immersive class experiences. Built-in whiteboards. Natural, fluid writing. Blue Eye Care safe screens. Accessibility for hearing impaired […]... Read More »

Lumens Tracking Camera

The VC-TR1 integrates PTZ camera and 112° FOV panoramic camera. Thanks to the dual lens design, it can capture the entire view and track a speaker simultaneously. While in the process of tracking, the VC-TR1 automatically switches the video frame. Audiences see not only a presenter but also the content on a whiteboard or presentation […]... Read More »

Big ideas need a big canvas

There is nothing better than a big piece of white paper to brainstorm out your ideas and thoughts. Taking it to the next level is the brand-new Idea Wall from Schiavello and Bene, with dual EPSON Laser Projectors integrated onto the wall that DIB Audiovisual recently installed for the Rio Tinto team in Melbourne. This […]... Read More »

Five things we do to make your audiovisual system better and easier to use

Audiovisual Systems – better and easier The team at DIB Audiovisual have been designing, installing and servicing audiovisual systems for the best schools and organisations in Melbourne for over twenty years. We thought we’d share some of the things we do behind the scenes to make your system better and easier to use. High quality […]... Read More »