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Polycom Studio X 

Polycom Studio X  This next product is a ripper. The Polycom Studio X comes in a couple of models – the X30 and X50.  They offer an incredibly simple solution for boardroom quality audio and video.  You can share content via a cable or wirelessly. “Super exciting with these products is the ability to integrate with a […]... Read More »

Logitech Tap & Rally

Logitech Tap & Rally Rally is a premium Ultra High Definition conference camera system from the team at Logitech. The key point about Rally is that it will allow you to run smarter meetings automatically. Logitech® Rally offers an Ultra-HD imaging system, delivering brilliantly sharp video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up […]... Read More »


WizeFloor is an interactive floor that promotes collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity. You project images onto the floor and a camera then tracks the movements of your students or ‘players’ who use their hands and feet to interact with the floor. Wizefloor offers a fun and engaging method […]... Read More »

Rane Terminal 1010X – Audio DSP Multi Processor (review)

Rane Terminal 1010X – Audio DSP Multi Processor The Terminal 1010x takes the DSP Experience to the next level with an intuitive front-panel that enables users to control 10 analog balanced inputs for Mic/Line/+48V and 10 balanced outputs. There are also 6 flexible RAD Plus PoE ports to connect breakout boxes and wall plate remote […]... Read More »

Remote science lessons are no longer an experiment

Remote science lessons are no longer an experiment. Science is an amazing and broad subject and central to our understanding of the world around us. From how plants turn light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis, to how mitochondria act as the battery in our cells. To really understand how things work, you can just […]... Read More »

Introducing the DiscoveryLab Plus (streamer/recorder)

Introducing the DiscoveryLab Plus. Remote learning and live streaming conferences and events are becoming far more popular. DIB Audiovisual has been at the forefront of this trend for several years, and we’re always looking for new technology to support an even better experience for the presenter and participants. When Kerry Packer introduced the so called […]... Read More »

Introducing the Lumens LC200 Recorder

The Lumens LC200 Recorder is an exceptional capture, record and stream device.  It offers a high degree of flexibility for the teacher or organisation wanting to deliver a quality remote learning or presentation environment. This stand alone device allows you to mix four video sources. You can record, stream and live-switch simultaneously. This makes the […]... Read More »

Cooking up a remote food technology lesson.

Remote learning in food technology has become an important topic in recent months. In the 1950’s cartoon, Richie Rich took delivery of a Smell-o-vision from his fathers high tech manufacturing business. From flowers to fires to food, the Smell-o-vision made for some entertaining times for readers of the comic. And whilst we are not ready […]... Read More »