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The latest generation of Epson projector management software is finally here

Nearly 5+ years in the making, Epson’s latest projector management software has been released. Reducing the number of programs you need to manage from 5 to 3, it’s now easier than ever to run your Epson products. Epson Projector Management allows you to check the status of multiple networked projectors and perform various projector operations […]... Read More »

New Lumens VC-B30U

The Lumens VC-B30U HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera has USB 3.0 and HDMI video output interface. It is equipped with a Sony 1/2.8 inch image sensor with Full HD 1080p output resolution and a high dynamic image of 60 fps. The superior 12x optical zoom lens, excellent white balance, and exposure mode delivers a clear image […]... Read More »

Get behind the new Pod-4 podium lectern

POD-4 IS MORE INNOVATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL THAN EVER. Everything about this lectern is easy – just connect your laptop, or external device, to the input panel for instant integration with IT and audio equipment. Electric height adjustment puts you in control, enabling you to work at your most comfortable position. A generously sized, inclined benchtop […]... Read More »

Epson ELP-CB02 Cable Management & Connection Box

Cable management is an often overlooked feature of new AV installs. People can forget how many cables are required to run a new AV setup, especially when you’re using more hardware than before. The Epson ELP-CB02 becomes a central hub for all your connections. Your projectors, screens, speakers, and HDMI cables are all plugged into the […]... Read More »

Get to know the PTC500 Professional Auto Tracking Camera

Professional Auto Tracking Camera Have you ever wanted to give a TED Talk style presentation but don’t have the resources? The AVer PTC 500 is a tracking camera that can give you that camera crew style feel with a single camera. The AVer PTC 500 can track you across a space automatically, giving the impression […]... Read More »

New Black Magic Design Web Presenter

Blackmagic Web Presenter Scale any professional SDI or HDMI video source down to a USB webcam for high quality streaming on the internet. Plug in your pro gear and use it for online streaming. The Blackmagic Web Presenter converts your high definition video footage into a format that’s bandwidth friendly for online streaming. The Web Presenter means […]... Read More »

Get intimate with the new Epson EB-1400 series short throw projectors

The all-in-one HD interactive display for efficient, productive meetings. The Epson MeetingMate interactive projectors connect people, technology and ideas into a seamless digital experience. Projecting onto a whiteboard makes for a richer media experience, with the same interactivity teachers and students have come to associate with whiteboards. The new Epson MeetingMate EB-1400s come with a slew […]... Read More »

Get into the huddle with the Yamaha CS-700

Huddle rooms have unique requirements, as they typically are small sized rooms with limited tabletop space. The Yamaha CS-700 combines ultra-wideband audio with high-quality video to fulfill video, audio, and collaboration requirements in one simple, wall-mounted system addressing all communication and collaboration requirements of the modern huddle room. Main features: USB audio and video support for […]... Read More »

Introducing the new range of portable Epson projectors

Epson’s new range of projectors are slim, lightweight, and packed with the latest features to make your presentations pop. Don’t let the small size and lightweight design throw you off. The portable range by Epson has the same features you’d expect from larger, bulkier projectors: Portable versatility Whether you have a presentation that needs a […]... Read More »

Connect to your projector wirelessly with iProjection

We often get asked at DIB Australia about connecting projectors to phones, or to a network of projectors without worrying about cables and connections. Many of our customers look at Chromecasts, Apple TV and other third-party devices to connect to their projectors without plugging their device in directly. Most people don’t know is that their […]... Read More »