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Classroom Capture with DiscoveryLabTM

At the heart of DiscoveryLabTM is the ability for teachers to record lessons and then review them to help improve their teaching, through objective feedback. This can be of particular value within the peer observation or Triad models that exist in many schools. Whilst this is valuable and helpful for teachers, it is the Classroom Capture […]... Read More »

NEW CommBox Control Pro & Lite Processors, PLUS Commbox Control Touch 7

CommBox are quite well known in the AV space within the education sector. Many schools would be familiar with their Joey series of control panels, including the Joey Micro, Joey 9 and Joey Lite. With other offerings, such as the Commbox Classic, Pro & Pro Plus series of interactive touchscreens, this Australian company have been […]... Read More »

Lumens PTZ Cameras with easy USB to DVI convertor

The Lumens series of PTZ cameras are a good BYOD conference solution. A great thing about the Lumens VC-B20DU PTZ camera is that is can be purchased with a USB to DVI convertor. This makes it easy to connect a laptop (USB) and integrate into an AV system (via DVI). Other things that stand out […]... Read More »

Vision Freespace Room Booking Tablet

A smart and simple solution for Room Bookings has been created. It’s aptly named the Vision Freespace Room Booking Tablet. This is due to it’s simple-to-use interface, giving staff the ability to look at room availability of several rooms and book in the next meeting quickly and easily. This is a well designed solution; so […]... Read More »

Epson EasyMP Silent Version

IT Managers have enough network, server and other relevant challenges to deal with. So how can we make the IT guy’s life a little easier? Being able to remotely install software onto PCs or laptops would help! How can this be done?… by installing what’s know as the Silent Version of Epson EasyMP for both […]... Read More »

Hitachi’s NEW 65 inch & 75 inch touchscreens

Hitachi have been making AV technologies for many years; the latest offering are the 65 inch and 75 inch interactive panels. The staff at DIB were able to test-drive the 65 inch panel and the general consensus was that this was a capable, multi-touch screen with good responsiveness and also well priced. One stand out […]... Read More »

Epson EasyMP Multi-PC Projection

So what is Epson Multi-PC projection and what applications can it have in an education or business setting? The main application for Multi-PC Projection is to allow multiple PCs to share content via the main display. This is great for sharing learnings from each student, to create a more collaborative and shared environment. This of […]... Read More »

So what’s flipping the classroom? FlipCon 2015

As an Audio Visual systems company, you might wonder what our Director, Sam Garden, was doing spending a few days at a conference focused solely on Flip Learning? The answer is simple. Education is changing and moving fast and as a provider of key communication tools to our schools and their teachers, we saw it […]... Read More »

Gilkon Freeframe FP7 V3 – Motorised Mobile Stand

Once again, the team at Wilson & Gilkes have designed and created an robust NEW mobile motorised stand for flat panel displays. This low-cost stand has a great set of features… The Gilkon FP7 V3 is an Australian-made raise/lower motorised stand. Made to industry standards – ISO 9001 Features a large 120kg weight rating Solid […]... Read More »

Custom CommBox goes Mobile

Having just completed the testing on the Custom Commbox panel at DIB, we took some quick photos in our warehouse to show you what’s possible with Commbox.   Apart from the impressive CommBox Classic 75” LED Touch Screen (model CB3075L) mounted on the CommBox motorised stand (CBMOB6085), what makes this a little bit different is […]... Read More »