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Focus on Gymnasiums

Integrating AV into large spaces normally reserved for sports is a challenge, yet schools find they need a large space for events with students and even parents and the community. Thus spaces that really aren’t conducive to audiovisual equipment need to be adapted to accommodate.

DIB Australia is well versed in meeting these challenges.

Hampton Park Gymnasium

Hampton Park Secondary College Gymnasium

There are multiple ways we can assist including:

1. Specifying a high quality, high performance Epson   Laser Projector like the EB-L1505UHNL 12000 lumens  and the EB-L1755UNL 15000 lumens.

2. Performing detailed calculations of throw distance and selecting an appropriate short, middle or long zoom lens.

3. Smart design to protect projectors with either security cages or in more advanced situations a lifter mechanism to take the projector out of the way when  not in use.

4. Specifying high contrast viewing screens to enhance the picture quality in brightly lit spaces.

5. Careful design of audio systems to ensure high quality sound in an acoustically challenging space.

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