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Audac XMP44 audio switcher

Audac XMP44 audio switcher The XMP44 is a professional modular audio system with 4 SourceCon™ interface card slots where a wide variety of optional modules can be installed. At DIB Audiovisual we generally use the XMP44 with our school clients in their Public Address Systems. Pairing the XMP44 with the FMP40 voice media file player […]... Read More »

Extron 12″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel with Preview Ability

Extron 12″ TouchLink Pro Touchpanel with Preview Ability The Extron TLP Pro 1220 series is a 12″ Touchpanels with capacitive, edge-to-edge glass touchscreens. The Extron TLP Pro 1220 series allows control of fairly advanced audiovisual systems. DIB Audiovisual use The Extron TLP Pro 1220 with capture and presentation systems and we are a Premium Extron […]... Read More »

Commbox Control Core

Commbox Control Core The Control Core is the affordable answer to getting all your devices onto the CommBox Control Central cloud, enabling highly centralised monitoring and management, from anywhere in the world. Affordable way of school’s being able to make use of a centralised control and management system within a room (historically being able to […]... Read More »

Bosch PLE-2MAxx0-EU Plena Mixer Amplifier and simple wall controller 

Bosch Plena Mixer Amp Bosch PLE-2MAxx0-EU Plena Mixer Amplifier and simple wall controller  The Plena Mixer Amplifier is a high performance, professional public address unit for mixing up to six separate microphone/line signals, and any one of three separate music signals. DIB Audiovisual use this type of product where we have situations where we want […]... Read More »

Fusion Signage – Professional Digital Signage Management

Fusion Signage – Professional Digital Signage Management Fusion Signage – Professional Digital Signage Management is an Australian product and comes in two specification levels – Standard and Pro.  This simple to use solution is well suited to 90% of the requirements that DIB Audiovisual find in our  K-12 school clients. Digital signage systems are a […]... Read More »

May 2020 – Education video conference, capture and streaming solutions

A deliberate, fast paced introduction and review of the different approaches commonly used to address the needs of education and corporate video conference, streaming and capture requirements in a fast changing COVID19 world. Raw and off the cuff discussion Presenter: Sam Garden Duration:  10 min ** JUMP to 3:00 mark for the juice of the […]... Read More »

Magewell Ultra Stream

Magewell Ultra Stream If you’re looking for an easy to use stand-alone device to enable streaming of your video content, then the Magewell Ultra Stream is a great solution.  Magewell Ultra Stream will enable you to stream easily to Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Live.  The device provides for internet connectivity via a wired ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or […]... Read More »

Polycom Studio X 

Polycom Studio X  This next product is a ripper. The Polycom Studio X comes in a couple of models – the X30 and X50.  They offer an incredibly simple solution for boardroom quality audio and video.  You can share content via a cable or wirelessly. “Super exciting with these products is the ability to integrate with a […]... Read More »

Logitech Tap & Rally

Logitech Tap & Rally Rally is a premium Ultra High Definition conference camera system from the team at Logitech. The key point about Rally is that it will allow you to run smarter meetings automatically. Logitech® Rally offers an Ultra-HD imaging system, delivering brilliantly sharp video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up […]... Read More »


WizeFloor is an interactive floor that promotes collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity. You project images onto the floor and a camera then tracks the movements of your students or ‘players’ who use their hands and feet to interact with the floor. Wizefloor offers a fun and engaging method […]... Read More »