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commbox s4

commbox s4

Commbox S4 Range

Commbox is an Australian Innovation that is at the head of the class when it comes to high-quality touchscreens powered by amazing software. The CommBox Classic S4 leverages the latest Android platform, power computing, and high-impact touch to deliver the most supreme interactive touchscreen available today.

DIB Audiovisual has used Commbox products for over 20 years and we find they continue to adapt and innovate. Mainly because the business really listens to their customers and users, and refine their offer according to those needs. In one recent project, we executed the biggest ever rollout of Commbox products in a school. 

There is no shortage of positive feedback from both the teaching staff and those charged with managing the IT and support services for this network of screens. 

Whilst we are on the topic of Commbox Innovations, you should check out the biggest 16:9 ratio Commbox Interactive touchscreen – the Commbox Infiniti 110. Whether you are communicating to clients or staff, this large crystal clear display with 4K resolution, this one is sure to create an impression. And there is some smart touchscreen tech in this one too, allowing multiple people to present and collaborate at the same time. 

commbox s4

commbox s4

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If you’d like more information, here are the technical specifications for this product range.