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The CommBox Interactive Classic V3

The CommBox Interactive Classic V3

Australia’s favourite, premium touchscreen has evolved – introducing the new Commbox Interactive Classic V3

DIB Australia is delighted to share the news of a new model from CommBox.

The CommBox Interactive Classic V3 has just been launched.

The CommBox Interactive Classic V3 provides a simple, clean interface that supports pedagogy with built-in web browser, whiteboard and screen share.

Classroom or boardroom interactivity has never been easier or more intuitive.

Use the touchscreen solo, connect your personal device or add the optional PC to the built-in OPS slot. V3 is the most versatile CommBox Classic model yet.

Here are some of the key features of the new CommBox Interactive Classic V3:

  • Instant Whiteboarding – without connecting a laptop or PC. The CommBox Whiteboard supports multi-touch and has an infinite canvas. Share & collaborate on your whiteboard, instantly.
  • Clickview Built-in – Browse, view and play content from your ClickView library without the need for a PC.
  • Built-in screenshare – Connect up to four devices wirelessly and simultaneously, then remote control your touchscreen.
  • VIVI Built-in – Access Vivi screen mirroring and video streaming as well as classroom communications and emergency broadcasts without a laptop or PC connected.

All Classic V3 Touchscreens incorporate 5 mm toughened glass, and CommBox Glide™ Technology, ensuring that the panels are smooth and frictionless to touch.

The Classic V3 also have high performance anti-glare properties.

The CommBox team also promise the unit will be future proof, offer seamless updates to apps and software. They also offer proactive support providing you with remote management of your devices through CommBox central control portal.


Call us on (03) 9457 4800 for more details or a demonstration of this product.

More information is available in the brochure which is available for download right here.

CommBox Classic V3 Brochure 2020 v1