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Transform your classroom with the Vivi

During lessons, it is important that the equipment within the classroom is diverse and flexible in order to anticipate any needs that students and staff may have. For this purpose, the Vivi is perfect. The Vivi changes the educational landscape thanks to its screen mirroring technology, transforming the classroom into an interactive, collaborative learning space that […]... Read More »

The durability of the CommBox

The CommBox introduces an element of interactivity to the modern classroom, prompting more student engagement with lessons. As such, the Commboxes need to endure and last a long time, and able to withstand anything thrown its way. CommBox released a video to showcase the toughness of their CommBox Classic Touchscreens. The company invited two students to […]... Read More »

Elevate classroom collaboration with the EB-710Ui

Epson’s EB-710Ui is an interactive ultra-short-throw projector that offers the possibility of more collaborative lessons in the classroom. With features that promote greater sharing and participation in the classroom, this projector shifts the paradigms associated with a more hands-on lesson, optimising the limited lesson time for maximum learning output. A more interactive and engaging classroom […]... Read More »

New Epson EB-L1755UNL for large venues

The Epson EB-L1755UNL is one of Epson’s newest laser projectors. These projectors are very easy to install, manage and maintain, coming with powerful hardware that make them versatile and perfect for larger venues such as lecture halls, conference centres and entertainment venues. Captivating presentations in any venue The hardware in each projector enable them to produce […]... Read More »

Come together with the Microsoft Surface Hub

While it may be mistaken for a giant television, Microsoft’s Surface Hub is far more innovative and much more capable than any television or tablet. Flexible, dynamic and intuitive, the Surface Hub puts collaboration at the foreground, bringing with it an impressive array of features that help facilitate more engaging, productive meetings – both online […]... Read More »

Be heard with the new Revoluto Mic

The Revoluto Principle The Revoluto principle is based on patented microphone array technology, where microphone capsules are arranged in either a horizontal or vertical row.   Compared to gooseneck microphones this creates a much greater distance for voice pick up. As a result, the speaker is not restricted to the typical pick up pattern or […]... Read More »

Get a closer look with the Epson ELP-DC12 Document Camera

The Epson ELP-DC12 Document Camera enables users to turn their existing projector into a fully interactive Education creativity tool. The document camera is lightweight and compact enough to take with you from room to room. The document camera can be used for more than just projecting documents. There is also an attachment that can be […]... Read More »

You’ve got the touch with the Commbox Interactive Pulse

DIB Australia was recently at the Integrate-expo, looking at the latest AV products to bring to your classrooms. There was a range of great new products out there that can make a difference in education, here is just one that stood out to the team: The CommBox interactive Pulse are a new series of 70″ […]... Read More »

Extend your touchscreen with the CommBox Whiteboard

The CommBox Whiteboard is a versatile piece of technology that seamlessly fits into any collaborative working space. Connect Entire Class on One Board Foster discussions, like Number talks, by using AWW. Open your board on a touchscreen, share it with your students and let them solve a problem, one by one, by managing their participating […]... Read More »

Let the Evoko Room Manager take care of it for you

The Evoko Room Manager is the modern way to plan and book meetings. Avoid the confusion, frustration, and double booking that come with traditional meeting room booking. The Evoko Room Manager does more than just make booking rooms easier. Integrate the Evoko with your email server to see when you’re usually booking meetings to free […]... Read More »