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Commbox Pro PLUS – Handles all sorts of weather

With a water and dust resistant surface design, the new Commbox Pro PLUS provides an even more suitable applications to use the touchscreen displays, including public places. The Commbox Pro PLUS brings the screen to life with Ultra-HD 4K resolution. This brings the resolution to 3840 x 2160 (above the Classic range of 1920x1080p). FEATURES […]... Read More »

New 4K Commbox Pro Interactive Touchscreen

Commbox have been providing innovative touchscreen displays into the education sector for a number of years now. The latest in the line-up, the Commbox Pro steps things up again with Ultra-HD 4K resolution. This brings the Commbox resolution to 3840 x 2160 (above the Classic range of 1920x1080p). FEATURES include Supports multi-touch (up to 10 […]... Read More »

New Kapp iQ by SMART

With schools and businesses looking at new ways to create collaborative environments, the NEW Kapp iQ by SMART offers an exciting new platform for synergistic learning in the classroom. The new Kapp iQ is not only a high quality 4K Ultra HD Touchscreen but also a Multi-Way Whiteboard. This unique feature works independently of a […]... Read More »

SMART Board 6000 Series Interactive Flat Panels

Introducing the latest in interactive flat panel displays by SMART. The 6000 series offer a premium touch experience and are available in 2 sizes – 55″ & 65″. These 4K Ultra HD resolution panels are not only multi touch with up to 4 simultaneous touch points, but can differentiate between a finger, palm or pen […]... Read More »

SMART kapp iQ – The Latest Collaborative Interactive Whiteboard

The kapp iQ is a high quality Smart 6000 series interactive multi-touch panel powered by the well-known SMART Notebook software, boasting some premium features such as Silk Touch Interactivity and Presence Detection. What makes this panel unique however is the incorporation of a Multi-Way Whiteboard (specific to the kapp iQ range) and the ability for all students using an array of devices and operating systems, to instantly contribute to on-screen content.... Read More »

So you want to set up a collaborative classroom?

In the modern-day classroom there is quite a bit of technology that is being implemented in a classroom. This can be an installed AV system, as well as laptop / tablet program. Trying to leverage this technology to get more collaboration and participation of students in the classroom setting is not always easy. Some educators […]... Read More »

DiscoveryLab now installed at Balwyn High

  DIB Australia are happy to announce the AV installation of two DiscoveryLab systems at Balwyn High. These AV systems allow teachers to record their lesson and receive objective feedback for peer observations and numerous other teacher professional development applications. We look forward to seeing what impact this has on improving teacher capacity and development […]... Read More »

SMART Notebook software now available with Epson Interactive Projectors

DIB Australia are now able to offer SMART Notebook to our customers, as Epson have just made available the option of including an Epson Interactive Projector with the SMART Notebook software. This is great news, as it allows customers who have been using Smartboard Software to adapt to the latest in Interactive Technology. Many of […]... Read More »

Epson announces 5-year Express Exchange Service Pack

Epson recently announced that they would be offering a 5-year Express Exchange Service Pack with all new Epson interactive projectors. This 5-year Total Coverage option is available through DIB Australia and gives the benefit of obtaining a replacement Epson projector, if a projector plays up at any time within the 5 year period. This is […]... Read More »

NEW feature-packed Hitachi 9000 series projectors

The New Hitachi 9000 series projectors range offer display resolutions of XGA, WXGA and WUXGA and have a high brightness output range, starting at 8,500 all the way up to 10,000 ANSI lumens. The projectors use a 1-chip DLP to compose images. One key benefit of this range of Hitachi 9000 series projectors is the […]... Read More »