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Sony Bravia TV

Sony Bravia TV

Kicking Goals at Melton Phoenix Soccer Club

The DIB team were happy to be kicking goals at Melton Phoenix Soccer Club recently when they asked us to install a flexible use audiovisual system in their social room.

As you can see from the photos, rooms like this present a number of challenges, and you have to select the right display for the right situation.

In this case, we used an EPSON EB-L630U projector with a bright 6200 lumens. Brightness is important in a room with a large light-filled space. Not just because of the ambient light, but also to prevent eye strain for the attendees or audience.

Grandview Screen in Social Room

We specified and installed a Sony Pro Bravia – 75″ 4K Commercial Pro TV on a feature wall. This display was appropriate for the mix of advertising and information being displayed on this screen.

Sony Bravia TV

Sony Bravia TV

Sound is always important in a club setting. You need good sound not only for the displays but also for club presentations. We specified a range of indoor and outdoor speakers perfect for the respective environments where the club needs to share announcements and information.

The speakers were of course coupled with a quality amplifier and a handheld rechargeable microphone.

Whilst we’ll admit to being pretty average at soccer, we know our stuff when it comes to audiovisual, so in this respect, we were kicking goals at Melton Phoenix Soccer Club.

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