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Using DiscoveryLab to better assess effectiveness of school classroom layout

Classroom layout can affect the learning that takes place in the classroom, however, this is not always evident when teaching a lesson. By using video (with multiple perspectives) to observe interactions in real-time, a teacher can discover many truths about the effectiveness of the classroom layout or grouping of students in a lesson. By using […]... Read More »

Using DiscoveryLab to help identify a teacher’s focus area

As a teacher myself, I know that when I have been teaching, I have missed things. It is easy to do. Often it’s the things that are missed that can be the most important. When there are many things happening in a lesson, our focus shifts from one area to another. Sometimes, as teachers, we […]... Read More »

The amazing features of the new EPSON EB-1430wi

When clients ask about the new EPSON MeetingMate series of projector; or even if they don’t ask but we’re trying to explain these products – its difficult without a demonstration. This video by EPSON’s US arm does an excellent job of explaining what is essentially the same product (its just they refer to it as […]... Read More »

DiscoveryLab: A Complete Guide

  What is DiscoveryLab? DiscoveryLab will assist your school in creating a culture of best practice and perpetual professional development, through the sharing of teacher strengths and the identification of areas to improve via observable truths. DiscoveryLab is a teacher feedback system first and foremost as well as a lesson recording system. DiscoveryLab allows you […]... Read More »

Wireless presentation system – Extron ShareLink 200

The Extron ShareLink 200 is another product in a long line of wireless enabled content sharing devices for AV systems.  We have trialed and installed many devices so if you are looking for a solution to suit your specific needs, then please do not hesitate to get in contact.  The features that stand out to […]... Read More »

EntrySign express: tracking attendance and managing events

Introducing our exciting NEW product: EntrySign express. This easy-install, low cost digital system manages records on staff, pupil and visitor attendance, as well as event planning. To learn more or to have a free trial, click here to visit the EntrySign website. More information can be found in this leaflet.... Read More »

Epson MeetingMate EB-1430Wi and Samsung Interactive Whiteboard (MagicIWB) comparison

Many schools and businesses are investigating the differences between the interactive projectors and interactive whiteboards, such as the new-generation Epson MeetingMate EB-1430Wi projector and the Samsung MagicIWB. The advanced features in these new-generation interactive projectors combined with new all-time low prices for replacement lamps (now for as little as $79), make the Epson EB-1430Wi projector […]... Read More »

Livestream Broadcaster – Share Your School or Work Events without Fuss

It’s becoming increasingly important to both schools and businesses to be able to share video from live events. There are some messy solutions out there which involve connecting a PC to a camera and then using a software interface to bridge the gap between the two. However, the Livestream Broadcaster makes things much easier (and […]... Read More »