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CommBox – Motorised touch table solution

CommBox have been providing the Australian market with a diverse range of touchscreen solutions for some time now.  In more recent time they have released a fully motorised touch table stand which allows the touch screen, be it 60″ 75″ or 85″ in size to be setup as a portable and flexible collaboration system. The […]... Read More »

DiscoveryLab as a tool for videoing pre-service teachers

There was a young man who went to university to become a Primary School teacher. He enjoyed working with kids and seeing their eyes light-up when the penny dropped. He studied diligently for 4 years to get his degree and felt he was ready to become an in-service teacher. But on reflecting back through his […]... Read More »

Sharing exemplary practice via video “Hub of Best Practice” can revolutionise teacher perspective on feedback

Video is a natural medium that captures exactly what occurs; you could call it “observable truths”, if you like. Having the ability to record lessons in Full HD with multiple perspectives like DiscoveryLab, enables the sharing of exemplary teaching practice amongst colleagues throughout the school. It is not the shortcomings in a teacher’s teaching ability, […]... Read More »

Using DiscoveryLab as a tool for providing evidence for teaching standards

“Could you please show me clear evidence of the improvement in a specific area of your Professional Development? a principal said to one of her teachers at the end of the year. The Victorian Dept of Education in the Schools Performance Framework advocates that the internal accountabilities that schools meet on a day-to-day basis are […]... Read More »

Using DiscoveryLab to better assess effectiveness of school classroom layout

Classroom layout can affect the learning that takes place in the classroom, however, this is not always evident when teaching a lesson. By using video (with multiple perspectives) to observe interactions in real-time, a teacher can discover many truths about the effectiveness of the classroom layout or grouping of students in a lesson. By using […]... Read More »

Using DiscoveryLab to help identify a teacher’s focus area

As a teacher myself, I know that when I have been teaching, I have missed things. It is easy to do. Often it’s the things that are missed that can be the most important. When there are many things happening in a lesson, our focus shifts from one area to another. Sometimes, as teachers, we […]... Read More »

The amazing features of the new EPSON EB-1430wi

When clients ask about the new EPSON MeetingMate series of projector; or even if they don’t ask but we’re trying to explain these products – its difficult without a demonstration. This video by EPSON’s US arm does an excellent job of explaining what is essentially the same product (its just they refer to it as […]... Read More »