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NEW Commbox LED Touchscreens with built in PC

Commbox LED Touchscreens have become increasingly popular since their release in 2013. Now also available with a built in PC (Quad core processor, Android), they are able to be used without connecting a laptop! Access web, Skype images while still being able to annotate and used like and interactive whiteboard/touchscreen.  ... Read More »

Sony VPLSW536M Ultra Short Throw Projector

The Sony VPLSW536M Ultra Short Throw Projector is able to project an image as large as 130" diagonal from as little as 0.8m away from screen due to the ultra-short focal length lens, which makes it possible to project images from a very short distance.... Read More »

NEW ELP-DC12 EPSON document camera

The exciting new EPSON document camera allows educators to record still and video images, record time lapse and even annotate directly on these images all without the use of any PC - just the document camera itself and all for less than AUS $599... Read More »

CommBox – NEW touch screen lectern (COMING SOON)

With many new products always coming to market, it is exciting to see products which are well designed and solve some common user problems.  The NEW (@ 25/8/2013) CommBox Lectern is one such product. This product will feature (not a complete list of features): – aesthetic modern design – built in colour touchscreen – built […]... Read More »