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JED Micro Wall Control Panels

The JED control panels are a great low cost and simple panel to use with a classroom or boardroom AV system. They are available in a variety of layouts, ranging from the most basic 2 button controller to a more advanced OLED display panel. JED T430: low cost, 2 button simple controller JED T440: Economical […]... Read More »

Epson ELP-SP02 30W Speakers

In most classrooms, additional audio reinforcement is required for the AV system. We have found the Epson SP02 wall mounted speakers to be a great addition to a standard size classroom. Not only are they loud and clear enough to fill a classroom space, they also feature a second audio output, meaning independent audio can […]... Read More »

Epson DC-20 Document Camera

Epson DC-20 Named Winner of Learning Magazine 2013 Teachers' Choice Award For the Classroom. This camera lets you display everything from a textbook spread to 3-D objects to content from your iPad... Read More »

Classroom Projector Servicing Can Be So Much More

At DIB Australia we specialise in assisting our education-based clients maintain highly effective and operational facilities at their schools and what we have found is the requirements for projector servicing extends beyond just cleaning filters on projectors all the way into total room servicing and audits. With more than 55 individual aspects of a room checked our servicing is so much more.... Read More »