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Philips BDL6524ET Quick Review

We have recently started using the Philips series of touch capable displays.  These are commercial grade display designed to accommodate a wide range of Education and Signage based touch requirements.

As a summary these displays are a neat looking simple product with a highly effective touch interface that works very well plug and play (we tested it with Windows 8).

See our quick video and test below:

What we like:
– Its neat and tidy and not too bulky
– It has four solid handled on rear (great for portable trolleys)
– It has serial control and a full array of inputs
– It has a 3 year warranty
– the touch interface works really well and is responsive
– its very well priced!

What we don’t like:
– it has a smaller gab between screen boarder and surface where items can get stuck maybe
– sometimes with Windows 8 as with many large touch screen triggering gestures from boarder can be a little problematic (really something to get used to)
– like many other touchscreens we have tested, the 5mm protective glass with anti reflective coating seems to render the viewing angle not so effective (we thinks its pretty good like most of them up to about 120 degrees in the horizontal)


bdl6524et_00_dfu_aen manual

bdl6524et_00_qsg_aen quickstart quide

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