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Does this pedagogy suit our school? I wonder how the students would respond to this type of teaching?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to incorporate a different type of teaching in your school? Maybe there’s been a style of teaching you’ve always wanted to try, but have no means of effectively reviewing it.

Imagine being able to video record a new style of teaching, simply and easily to USB. This could be done over several months, or just by recording a few lessons. Either way, you’ll get the feedback needed to make an informed decision to the suitability of this new pedagogy for your school. Knowledge is power; and making a decision with the ‘right’ knowledge makes it even more easy to adopt pedagogy that is right for your school.

DiscoveryLab allows teachers to critically appraise different pedagogy in an objective way. Being able to pause, rewind and discuss pedagogy from observable truths, allows teachers to use DiscoveryLab to make informed decisions about application of new pedagogy.


Blog by Stephen Whalley
(Bachelor of Primary Education, Monash University)


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