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Balwyn High School to commission DiscoveryLab


Balwyn High School is a top-academic achieving secondary state school located in the leafy suburb of Balwyn North. Balwyn High School has an outstanding reputation for fostering intellectual growth and personal development, as a foundation of future success for all students. Their four pillars of learning help provide focus in helping students achieve their best.

Behind this achievement is a school commitment to continual teacher professional development, equipping their teachers with the very best tools to provide effective education for students at Balwyn High. After careful consideration, the school has approved the AV installation of two DiscoveryLab systems into classrooms. These provide a easy-to-use AV system, which allows teachers to objectively review their lessons themselves or with a colleague.

DiscoveryLab uses an implements an powerful technique called Microteaching, of which educational research shows that is the most effective teacher-controlled factor that can directly influence student achievement. DIB Australia look forward to seeing how this benefits the staff and students at Balwyn High.


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