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Epson Interactive Projectors for the classroom

Interactive Epson projectors are an excellent way of engaging students in the learning process. These projectors can have multi-touch capabilities of up to 2 pens and 6 fingers at a time for collaboration and multiple users at the front of the class. Not only do these projectors feature pen and finger touch capabilities, they also allow collaborative sharing from wireless devices, using the optional LAN card via the peer-to-peer wireless and Epson’s EasyMP Network Projection software. No longer is the classroom a place where you sit and listen, but you now actively engage as a student.

Click on Table below for feature-set of Epson Interactive Projectors.

Table of Epson Interactive Projectors (EB-575Wi, EB-585Wi, EB595Wi)

For more information about the Epson Interactive Projectors, including the Epson EB-595Wi, contact us or call DIB Australia on (03) 9457-4800.

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