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Our KNX partnership was an automatic choice

Our KNX partnership was an automatic choice We’ve been interested in KNX from the instant we heard the term. So we are pleased to now announce that DIB Audiovisual is a KNX Partner Company here in Australia. Before we go any further, what exactly is the purpose of KNX? Organisations are demanding simpler and more […]... Read More »

Networking your existing projector for wireless use with iProjection

Regardless of where your projector is installed, be it in a classroom, a boardroom, a meeting room, or a large hall space, wireless use can be greatly beneficial for any space. Instead of connecting your device locally, through HDMI or otherwise, and standing near the projector, wireless projection lets you present and display content from […]... Read More »

Tips to ensuring the best AV system for your new building

Great news: your school or organisation has a NEW building project approved! You’re excited about the possibilities and benefits this new facility will provide for your organisation. In this article, we will offer some tips and insights that might help ease the process of determining and planning the AV equipment for your new building. As […]... Read More »

Tips for improving readability in your spaces through display sizes

In a classroom, meeting space or collaboration space, it is important that people in the room are able to see, read and absorb the content you’re displaying. This is referred to as readability, and when it comes to deciding what AV equipment to have in your spaces, this should always be something to keep in […]... Read More »

LCD vs Projector: Which is best for the classroom?

With many of DIB’s clients when upgrading a classroom space or workplace training room we hear the question “Should I install an LCD panel or a projector?”. While there is no right answer, and each room is to be considered on a case-by-case basis, we will discuss a few key features below which we hope […]... Read More »

Ivanhoe Grammar School Corporate Golf Day 2016

DIB Australia have been providing quality AV solutions to Ivanhoe Grammar School for over 15 years, making the esteemed school one of our oldest clients. On Monday 18 April, DIB were proud to sponsor Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Corporate Golf Day for the 10th year running! We sent DIB Director Sam Garden and Solutions Consultant Gabi […]... Read More »

At your service! Helpful Hints & Tips for AV Service

Like a car which needs regular services to keep it running well, your projector needs to be regularly serviced to kept it running optimally. If servicing is ad hoc, or worse still, not at all, your projectors can end up like some cars; needing replacement! Projectors (data projector, ultra short throw, short throw, long throw) […]... Read More »

Epson EasyMP for Projector Monitor & Control (grouping/management)

  Epson EasyMP is making things easier for the IT Manager at your school… With the following features, Epson projector software is making time-consuming tasks a lot easier. Monitoring of projectors on network including Power status (On/Off) Receive problem alerts (via icons) Lamp operating time (lamp life) Control ability – Switch input sources – Change […]... Read More »

Should I UPGRADE or FIX our current AV system?

Many times in schools or organisations, it is difficult to determine the feasibility or viability of fixing an existing AV system. Many questions come up, including Can it be fixed? Is it worth getting fixed? Is there a part of the system that can be replaced? Is it the equipment too old? Will the current […]... Read More »