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Classroom Installations

A powerful dual projector system for The Grange

The Grange P-12 College aims to provide a challenging, but engaging education that caters for the individual needs of its students. The Grange is committed to preparing students for higher education and/or employment, cultivating a learning environment that encourages participation and empowering children to strive for success. The Grange strives to support their students across all stages […]... Read More »

CRC Caroline Springs enjoys an upgraded drama room

Catholic Regional College (CRC) Caroline Springs has a student-centred approach to learning, one which focuses on giving all students the opportunity to reach their full potential. Their curriculum and programmes strive to challenge students to be the their very best both academically and in how they treat themselves and others. Students of CRC Caroline Springs […]... Read More »

Camberwell Grammar staff rooms see AV transformation

Camberwell Grammar offers an education that prepares students for life beyond school. Camberwell Grammar aims to transform students in their care into active, committed citizens of the future, equipped with the skills necessary to tackle challenges in their way. Students learn in an environment that encourages them to strive for success, academic or otherwise, supported […]... Read More »

An AV-improved VCE Centre for Mentone Girls’ Grammar

With a world-class reputation as a leader in girls’ education, Mentone Girls’ Grammar strives to put the learning and the wellbeing of its students at the foreground. Mentone Girls’ Grammar is committed to fostering an authentic, learning community that empowers girls to aspire to excellence, equipping them with the skills necessary to become enterprising global […]... Read More »

Projector upgrades for Dandenong High School classrooms

Dandenong High School prides itself on being one of the oldest and largest co-educational secondary schools in Victoria. With a diverse, multicultural community, Dandenong High School provides an innovative, high-quality education to 2,000 students. Dandenong High School strives to foster an environment where every student is able to succeed and reach their full potential, supported […]... Read More »

Milgate Primary School enjoys a new projector system

Milgate Primary School is an accredited International Baccalaureate school committed to providing a high-quality, challenging and international education to its students. Milgate Primary School offers an exciting education program that aims to equip each child with the skills necessary to succeed in the future. By cultivating a caring and encouraging environment, students are supported throughout […]... Read More »

New monitors for St Hilda’s College tutorial rooms

St Hilda’s College is a residential college at the University of Melbourne committed to providing accommodation, academic and pastoral support to over 200 students. St Hilda’s College strives to transform the lives of the students in its care, priding itself on cultivating an environment where students belong and are encouraged to grow and be the […]... Read More »

Charles La Trobe P-12 College – EPSON Interactive Projector Classroom Upgrades

Charles La Trobe P-12 College is committed to providing an enriched educational experience for its students; their learning community is equipped with the latest technology and teaching resources to support their students.   The team at Charles La Trobe engaged DIB to complete classroom upgrade works, to increase student engagement by promoting an interactive learning space, […]... Read More »

Interactive Projector for PLC’s Multi Purpose Room

Presbyterian Ladies College has been renowned as a leader in girls’ education for over 140 years. Immersed in a Christian environment, the girls are encouraged to develop a respect and concern for others, to acquire leadership skills and self-discipline and to have a sensitive, informed understanding of other cultures. DIB has worked closely with PLC for […]... Read More »

Projector Upgrade for MLMC Library

At Mount Lilydale Mercy College they believe that every child has innate talents and are committed to finding and nurturing them so their children can fully engage in the world and be inspired to make the world a better place. DIB has been working closely with MLMC for 8 years to improve the audio visual […]... Read More »