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Brighton Grammar is buzzing with activity in the BHIVE

Brighton Grammar is buzzing with activity in the BHIVE.

Modern schools are embracing technology and purpose-built centres to support 21st Century Learning.

The Brighton Grammar BHIVE (which stands for the home of innovation, learning and entrepreneurship) is one such example.

As a valued client of DIB Audiovisual, we were delighted to ‘bee’ involved in this project which is now a hive of activity as the Brighton Grammar Boys get down to some serious learning around communication, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurship and more.

Teachers, parents and students are buzzing alike with the potential of this space, and our team joins them in celebration.

Designing and installing quality sound and vision in a space like this is our passion and purpose.

Good quality audiovisual is important to the learning experience.

Likewise, putting the right equipment in the right location to ensure the audiovisual is part of a seamless learning environment.

We installed a range of high-quality screens, speakers plus recording and streaming devices in this facility. This included Extron TLP Pro 725M 7″ Touch Control Panels, Kramer 4 x 4 4K HDMI & Audio Matrix switchers and Sennheiser Microphones.

BHIVE Equipment

BHIVE Equipment

Food Technology Space in the BHIVE

Food Technology Space in the BHIVE

Equally important is the software used in these systems, and there is none better than Vivi.

In a Vivi classroom, teachers can roam and engage with the display and the students from anywhere, enhancing student engagement. This helps teachers create a more dynamic learning space, involving their students, and helping them ‘own’ their classroom.

Vivi is a communication and collaboration tool that engages students and elevates educators.

The team at DIB get a real kick out of working on projects like this, where we get to demonstrate our experience and solutions, whilst knowing that the work we do will contribute to a better learning environment for students, and a better teaching environment for educators.

That is why Brighton Grammar is buzzing with activity in the BHIVE

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