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melton specialist school

A special commitment to education for all – Melton Specialist School

A special commitment to education for all – Melton Specialist School

In the past, children with intellectual disabilities could get lost in an education system that could not cater to their learning needs.

Nowadays, there are many specialist schools and individual educators who work tirelessly to provide both the curriculum and the facilities needed to ensure any child can get the education they deserve.

Melton Specialist School is one such school, with an environment that both recognises and celebrates the special learning needs of children with mild to severe intellectual disability.

From traditional classrooms to indoor and outdoor sensory areas, as well as other specialist facilities, this school and its educators are making extensive use of all sorts of resources to deliver an educational journey for any student.

It is with pride that our team can assist the school in this mission.

Even though our audiovisual equipment may be ‘off the rack’, we go to significant lengths to design the way it is installed to ensure it caters for whatever use the educators need when it is used in the learning space. This includes choosing highly functional equipment to install for ease of access and flexible use.

melton specialist school

In this case, we installed EPSON Interactive Projection Systems comprising an EPSON EB-735Fi 3600 ANSI FULL HD pen and finger interactive Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector. We also installed two Epson 15-watt, two-way stereo speakers in each of the four rooms. The system was matched to a Joey Micro 9 wall control panel with simplified operational controls.

Quality audiovisual plays an important role in making information accessible and learning approachable. High-quality vision and sound make for a more effective transfer of information and knowledge to students.

The team of solutions consultants at DIB Audiovisual are proud to be working with clients who have a strong purpose in education.

If you have an educational challenge that needs audiovisual support, reach out to our team of solutions consultants. We can help.  Call (03) 9457 4800 or visit dibaustralia.com.au for more details.