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Theatre/Hall Installations

The Koonung SC Amphitheatre, a modern reinterpretation of the original

Before there was technology and 500 years before the first observations about static electricity by Thales – a Greek philosopher, the Romans invented the amphitheatre. Meaning literally a place for viewing from both sides, its modern use is any semi-circular theatre. The Amphitheatre made it possible for spectators to see(vision) and hear(audio) the performances or […]... Read More »

Unveiling the Jamie and Rebecca Gray Theatre: A Remarkable Collaboration with DIB Audiovisual at St Catherine’s School

Unveiling the Jamie and Rebecca Gray Theatre: A Remarkable Collaboration with DIB Audiovisual at St Catherine’s School Introduction: St Catherine’s School, known for its commitment to quality education, recently embarked on a transformative project to convert its gymnasium into a cutting-edge theatre space named the Jamie and Rebecca Gray Theatre. Recognizing the significance of seamless […]... Read More »

Bringing simplicity, sophistication and WOW to Southern Cross Grammar.

Bringing simplicity and sophistication to Southern Cross Grammar Southern Cross Grammar is a relatively new school located in Caroline Springs. The school is proud of its focus on bringing modernity to both its facilities and learning practices. The school is fast developing a strong reputation for its creative arts disciplines including music, drama and theatre. […]... Read More »

Emmanuel College – Notre Dame Campus Gym Upgrade

The team at DIB Audiovisual love working on project in gymnasiums. And this LED Wall installation at the Notre Dame Campus of Emmanuel College is no exception. By virtue of their original designed purpose, gymnasiums bring light and sound challenges not experienced in other spaces. LED Walls are an excellent option because of their sleek, […]... Read More »

St Michaels Junior School Hall Upgrade

We were delighted to help with the recent St Michaels Junior School Hall Upgrade. We installed a range of equipment in the Wilma Hannah Hall including large venue projectors, amplifiers, pan tilt zoom cameras and control panels amongst a raft of other equipment. The school is situated on the original campus, and the grand, beautiful […]... Read More »

Under the Southern Cross

Under the Southern Cross I stand. A sprig of wattle in my hand. What could be more evocative of the Australian Landscape? By Day, the bright yellow wattle, by night the bright stars of the best-known constellation in the southern skies. One which adorns our national flag. Southern Cross Grammar shares this information about their […]... Read More »

A tale about a park and a hall

Here is a tale about a park and a hall. Indigenous Australians first inhabited the area that is now Albert Park around 40,000 years ago. The area was a series of swamps and lagoons. The main park after which the suburb was named was declared a public park and named in 1864 to honour Queen […]... Read More »

Kicking Goals at Melton Phoenix Soccer Club

The DIB team were happy to be kicking goals at Melton Phoenix Soccer Club recently when they asked us to install a flexible use audiovisual system in their social room. As you can see from the photos, rooms like this present a number of challenges, and you have to select the right display for the […]... Read More »