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Classroom Portable Solutions

Viewbank College portables gain two new projectors

Viewbank College strives to provide an enthralling, challenging education that aims to fully develop and nurture the full potential of each individual student. With an engaging academic curriculum and complementing co-curricular programs, Viewbank College facilitates a safe, encouraging environment where students feel included, supporting students not only through their academic journey, but through their own […]... Read More »

A new projector for Burwood Heights Primary portable

Burwood Heights Primary School is committed to delivering an innovative curriculum that is not only challenging and rigorous, but sensitive to a student’s individual abilities and their circumstances. The school’s learning environment actively promotes creativity, curiosity and tolerance within students. In having a philosophy that centres on the well-being of the child, Burwood Heights Primary aims […]... Read More »

New interactive projector for Cornish College portable

Cornish College’s philosophy is centred around gearing students for future success in this rapidly changing world, shaping them into forward-thinking individuals and citizens with an appreciation for the world and for life. Supported by a vibrant learning community, Cornish College’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of the student’s education and personal development means that […]... Read More »

New AV installs in Balwyn Primary portable classrooms

Balwyn Primary School strives to cultivate a stimulating and supportive environment where students can safely partake in stimulating. vibrant educational program that go beyond the standard curriculum.The school aims to mold students into responsible, empowered global citizens that see personal success in a dynamic, rapidly changing world. Balwyn Primary employs flexible and adaptable approaches to teaching […]... Read More »

Balwyn High’s portable classrooms get new AV resources

Balwyn High School strives to foster intellectual growth and personal development within their students, providing a foundation of future success by equipping students with a new set of skills, helping them adapt to and tackle the rapidly changing world ahead. The school is committed to assisting young people become resilient and independent individuals with the capacity to […]... Read More »

Fresh portable AV installs at Balwyn High School

Balwyn High School, located in Balwyn North, strives to be the benchmark for educational excellence. Dedicated in fostering intellectual growth and personal development within their students, the school provides a foundation of future success for their students.They are committed to assisting young people become resilient, independent and lifelong learners with the capacity to solve problems, think creatively and […]... Read More »

Portable Hitachi Touchscreen Trolley System for Mentone Girls

DIB have worked closely with Mentone Girls’ Grammar School to install modern education technology across many of their classrooms. Recently, the school wanted to bring interactive displays to their art classes. The DIB team designed an interactive solution so that they could share the technology between multiple classrooms as needed. With this setup, the interactive […]... Read More »

Lloyd Street Primary School – Getting Interactive

“Our preps and our prep teachers absolutely love their iJuniors and they are used every day. The LCD side is used for word work, interactive maths activities, Youtube provocations, displaying photos and recordings of students reading and much more. The whiteboard side is the main whiteboard used by the teachers and doubles as a book easel for big book reading.”... Read More »

Concord School – RM Vertable & Interactive Projector

Teachers can lock the board into the vertical position thus creating an interactive whiteboard which can be used for whole class learning or by changing it into table top mode, students can gather in smaller groups to participate around the now interactive table.... Read More »