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EPSON EB-685W projector at Viewbank College

EPSON EB-685W projector

Viewbank College portables gain two new projectors

Viewbank College strives to provide an enthralling, challenging education that aims to fully develop and nurture the full potential of each individual student. With an engaging academic curriculum and complementing co-curricular programs, Viewbank College facilitates a safe, encouraging environment where students feel included, supporting students not only through their academic journey, but through their own personal growth. The college hopes that the students that enter their walls leave the school as curious, resilient and active global citizens.

Viewbank College approached DIB and expressed an interest in installing new AV equipment for two of their portable classrooms. These new AV systems provide better, more effective AV resources to liven up the classroom.

EPSON EB-685W projector at Viewbank College
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Installation process

Both portables saw the installation of an EPSON EB-685W projector. The projector is able to generate bright, ultra-vibrant images thanks to the projector’s 3,500 ANSI lumens of light/colour output. This brightness not only ensures readability within the classroom, but the brighter images are captivating and pleasing to the eye. The ultra-short throw nature of the projector also retains the clarity of the projections, as any shadows and glares that could obscure the images are reduced.

While the projector has in-built 16W speakers, an EPSON stereo speaker system was installed by DIB. Featuring two 15W speakers, which match the projector, this two-way system provides audio reinforcement in the portable rooms, ensuring that students can hear audio from the projector regardless of where they are in the room. A 3.5mm audio input was also fitted so that users, without needing to turn on the projector, can play audio directly to the speakers from their devices (like an iPod or MP3 device).

To simplify the operation of the new system for the user, DIB installed and programmed a Joey Micro wall control panel. These panels take all of the features for the system that the user would normally use and make them easily accessible. This removes the hassle of having multiple remotes for one room. The panel is typically set up to include buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume and select the source to be projected.

To make it easier on the user to connect their external device, DIB fitted a HDMI input plate, giving users a local means to display content to the projector.

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