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Lloyd Street Primary School – Getting Interactive

Lloyd Street Primary School is an International Baccalaureate school for primary aged children. It’s based in Malvern East and the staff is responsible for the education of over 500 students. Their curriculum offers a broad blend of activities with a focus on how the children learn as well as providing them with the best opportunities to succeed.

The Situation

Lloyd Street made the decision that they wanted to invest in interactive technology to support the learning of their prep students. They wanted an interactive learning solution that allowed every child, from the very smallest, the opportunity to reach and interact with. The classrooms did not have much in the way of wall space, so ideally they wanted to have a freestanding board. They also hoped that the solution used would offer as much functionality as possible and complement their program.

The Solution

The staff at Lloyd Street had seen a cheap interactive LCD unit but there were some concerns about the viability of the product in the classroom. These included sharp edges, lack of audio support, wheels that might not withstand the regular movement, etc.

Fortunately the iJunior product was designed by teachers for teachers and it’s designed to be safe and usable in the classroom. However, given the increased cost of the product compared to the alternative the staff wanted to see it in action. The teachers at Melbourne Grammar were happy to help them out. They’ve been using the iJunior for a while and they allowed some of the staff members of Lloyd Street Primary School to see the iJunior in action. It’s 55” LCD frame with built in audio allow not just for interactive lessons but also for a surface to watch high-definition educational programming too without the need for additional (and space consuming) speakers.

What do Lloyd Street have to say about the solution now that it is in place? “Our preps and our prep teachers absolutely love their iJuniors and they are used every day. The LCD side is used for word work, interactive maths activities, Youtube provocations, displaying photos and recordings of students reading and much more. The whiteboard side is the main whiteboard used by the teachers and doubles as a book easel for big book reading.”


Lloyd St LCD

iJunior interactive LCD

Lloyd St Classroom

The iJunior fits right in to the teaching style at Lloyd St Primary School.

Lloyd St Whiteboard

An everyday whiteboard on the iJunior