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RM Vertable

The RM Vertable which is used in a horizontal position as an interactive table.

Concord School – RM Vertable & Interactive Projector

Concord School is a Prep-12 specialist school with the main campus located in Bundoora and Junior (Prep-2) campus in Watsonia. Students with additional learning needs are well catered for in this caring and supportive environment. They are encouraged to be the best they can be and are acknowledged for their individual achievements. Concord School currently has 370 students enrolled between the two campuses and is highly regarded for its educational programs, facilities and skilled staff. The school integrates learning technologies into their curriculum to assist in achieving excellence in education.

DIB Australia has helped in providing technological equipment suitable for use in Concord School’s learning environment for a number of years now. The most recent of these being the new RM VerTable with installed interactive projector. This innovative design combines interactive technology with the flexibility of furniture. “DIB Australia installed Epson’s new EB-455Wi interactive projector to the VerTable which creates two modes of use. Teachers can lock the board into the vertical position thus creating an interactive whiteboard which can be used for whole class learning or by changing it into table top mode, students can gather in smaller groups to participate around the now interactive table.

This new technology with its great flexibility is perfect for Concord School. The board can be adjusted to various heights both in vertical and table modes making it user friendly for Preps through to adult. Being on a stand means that the VerTable can easily be wheeled around the room providing increased flexibility in the teaching environment.

The projected image size is 56” (approximately 820mm x 1120mm) with a whiteboard writable board area of 900mm x 1800mm. The RM VerTable comes complete with a laptop shelf. Concord School’s setup was installed with VGA and audio connections. The sturdy design of the VerTable is sure to meet the demands of the classroom environment.

Concord School also received the award winning RM Easiteach Next Generation software for use with their VerTable. Teachers can create and deliver engaging lessons by using this powerful, yet easy to use software. With the combination of great software and a very flexible interactive device, engaging students has never been so easy!

RM Vertable vertical

The RM Vertable which is used as an interactive whiteboard in a vertical position.