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Introducing the DiscoveryLab Plus (streamer/recorder)

Introducing the DiscoveryLab Plus. Remote learning and live streaming conferences and events are becoming far more popular. DIB Audiovisual has been at the forefront of this trend for several years, and we’re always looking for new technology to support an even better experience for the presenter and participants. When Kerry Packer introduced the so called […]... Read More »

McKillop steps into the future with DiscoveryLab

Mckillop Catholic Regional College located in Werribee is a school which offers a broad and comprehensive curriculum for all their students. Seeking to educate in a variety of areas, technology is paramount to McKillop in order to cater for a range of interests and skill levels. Seeking to update 12 of their classrooms McKillop engaged […]... Read More »

What is DiscoveryLab? A Doncaster Secondary Case Study (Video Blog)

Below is DIB Australia’s first video blog. Here we explain our DiscoveryLab system in the context of a recent installation of the system at Doncaster Secondary College. To read the full text blog post about Doncaster Secondary’s DiscoveryLab installation, Click Here. For assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant […]... Read More »

Quick Guide to Classroom Capture with DiscoveryLab™

DiscoveryLab is an audio visual system for classroom observation only installed by the team at DIB Australia. In a nutshell, it involves the installation of discrete cameras and highly-sensitive microphones around the classroom which capture and record in high definition. Recordings are then saved onto a USB stick for future use. These systems can be highly […]... Read More »

DiscoveryLab Installation Enhances Gale Pacific Training Sessions

  DIB Australia were enlisted by Gale Pacific for the installation of a DiscoveryLab system in one of their training rooms. The DiscoveryLab system is a state-of-the-art technology that provides an easy was of recording of classroom lessons for later review in a highly-configurable manner. These recordings can be used to share lessons with those […]... Read More »

Classroom Capture with DiscoveryLabTM

At the heart of DiscoveryLabTM is the ability for teachers to record lessons and then review them to help improve their teaching, through objective feedback. This can be of particular value within the peer observation or Triad models that exist in many schools. Whilst this is valuable and helpful for teachers, it is the Classroom Capture […]... Read More »

DiscoveryLab now installed at Balwyn High

  DIB Australia are happy to announce the AV installation of two DiscoveryLab systems at Balwyn High. These AV systems allow teachers to record their lesson and receive objective feedback for peer observations and numerous other teacher professional development applications. We look forward to seeing what impact this has on improving teacher capacity and development […]... Read More »