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McKillop steps into the future with DiscoveryLab

Mckillop Catholic Regional College located in Werribee is a school which offers a broad and comprehensive curriculum for all their students. Seeking to educate in a variety of areas, technology is paramount to McKillop in order to cater for a range of interests and skill levels. Seeking to update 12 of their classrooms McKillop engaged DIB to design a technology update for their classrooms.

After consulting McKillop College the DIB team chose the DiscoveryLab system to update and expand the school’s edu-tech opportunities. DicoveryLab is an audio-visual capture system for the classroom. The system is controlled by the teacher and uses ultra-sensitive microphones and HD video cameras to record lessons. These recordings can be used for of personal development and training for teachers, and as a revision tool for students.

DIB installed the system including full HD DiscoveryLab camera system, Sennheiser Lapel system SK100 + ME4 lapel microphones and discrete super sensitive classroom microphone system to capture video and audio with ease in each classroom. DiscoveryLab also comes with a system confidence preview monitor which is installed on the wall above the control rack to ensure the teacher can see exactly which camera profile is recording. When the system is turned on it records straight onto a USB.

The system has 3 main recording modes, the first is for personal development, which simultaneously records front and rear cameras to show perspectives of the students and the teacher. This allows for self-evaluation and review by fellow teachers to streamline performance reviews and give useful and constructive feedback in order to improve lessons. The second mode is lecture mode which records the VGA or HDMI input as well as recording the teacher so the students can see the screen content and the presenter together. This tool is useful for students for revising, understanding complex ideas or catching up on missed class. The third mode simply records the front facing camera to capture the presenter and the AV display. These three recording options make the DiscoveryLab the perfect tech tool for both student and teacher use.

Discovery Lab camera top left, EPSON EB-595Wi projector center.

The DIB team installed EPSON EB-585Wi projector to compliment the DiscoveryLab system. This projector uses ultra-short-throw to create a crystal clear image which is unaffected by glare or shadows. The EPSON projector is also interactive and adds a new kinesthetic dimension to the classroom.  Additionally, the projector has great connectivity allowing students and teachers to easily connect and share information. A pair of EPSON 30W speakers were also installed to provide high-quality audio to enhance the system.

Joey Micro control panel.

To control the system the Joey Micro simplified wall panel was installed in the classrooms. This allows for easy control of the system and eliminates the risk of losing small remotes. The system commands volume options, on/off, recording mode and VGA/HDMI input. The DIB team also installed inputs for USB, HDMI, VGA and audio to allow full coverage of connectivity.

HDMI, USB, VGA and audio inputs.

For more information on the DiscoveryLab, click here.

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