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Reach Bee3 Plus

Reach Bee3 Plus

Introducing the DiscoveryLab Plus (streamer/recorder)

Introducing the DiscoveryLab Plus.

Remote learning and live streaming conferences and events are becoming far more popular.

DIB Audiovisual has been at the forefront of this trend for several years, and we’re always looking for new technology to support an even better experience for the presenter and participants.

When Kerry Packer introduced the so called ‘Pajama Cricket’ in the 1970’s, one of the greatest innovations he led was the use of multiple cameras during the cricket game. Prior to this there was one camera at one end of the ground, making for very boring telecasts.

And the same goes for presentations and events. The ability to capture and stream multiple sources with one touch is built in to a fantastic product we’d like to introduce to you.

Introducing The DiscoveryLab Plus as an easy-to-use video production system equipped with a touch screen to capture and stream multi-source video productions with one touch.

Some of the features you can expect with this product include:

  • Easy to use – turnkey system with everything you need to capture and stream multi source video productions with one touch
  • Scalable – affordable and maintenance free system
  • Live – stream live to youtube, facebook, vimeo or any other CDN
  • Seamless integration – into the video platform of your choice

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Reach Bee3 Plus - Schematic

DiscoveryLab Plus – Schematic

Reach Bee3 Plus

DiscoveryLab Plus

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