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Ivanhoe Grammar – The Learning Well – Bringing the future classroom into today

Ivanhoe Grammar is a high-achieving, co-educational school with campuses in three locations across Melbourne. Ivanhoe Grammar are willing to explore and push the boundaries with how education looks and how technology is integrated into a learning space to enhance and engage students in the learning process.

So when IGS wanted to create a new learning space, called the “The Learning Well” they contacted our Solutions Consultant, who worked closely with them to design and install an AV system that would best suit their needs. After much consultation, a creative and workable design was decided upon and the AV installation was completed. The purpose of the new space was to trial new learning technologies.

The Learning Well consists of the main learning area, known as The Campfire, near the front of the room, which included an Epson EB-1430wi MeetingMate projector, whiteboard and unique U-shaped couch where students could be instructed in a large group. The main reason for the inclusion of this projector was to explore the collaborative teaching possibilities that this projector provides, including the unique ‘Whiteboard Mode”.

The space also provides teachers and students the ability to engage in Virtual Excursions, where students can virtually visit any place across the globe (without the expense or time involved to get there). This is achieved by BYOD video conferencing functionality, using software (such as Skype/Webex/Lync or Zoom), integrated with the Full HD camera at the front of the room and the AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) microphones to ensure people can hear and be heard anywhere in the classroom.

Ivanhoe Grammar - Campfire Project - Learning Pods - Philips BDL4220QL TV (sml)

Two “Pods” for group work, otherwise know as Watering Holes

The great thing about The Learning Well was the inclusion of several breakout stations, called Pods. These learning Pods incorporated the Philips BDL4220QL 42″ LED TV and JED T460 control panel to create simple, easy-to-use learning areas for students to work in smaller groups. They included the integration of multiple 3.5mm audio-out ports to explore the use of student headphones when doing group audio work. HDMI-only input wall plates were installed at each of the learning stations for input to the Philips LED TVs.

The Learning Well space also included the DiscoveryLab system, which enables teachers to record their lessons for objective self or peer observations. The teacher-controlled system allows teachers to record lessons directly to USB. The main record mode is “PD Mode” which records 2 perspectives on the lesson, including front of room (teacher) and a student view, together in a single recording, in a side-by-side format.

The second mode is for DiscoveryLab is Lecture mode. This gives a picture-in-picture recording, with the main picture being the content from the teacher’s device/laptop, with an inset picture of the front of the room. This is very effective for recording flip learning content.

The third recording mode is Presentation Mode. This gives a full screen, full-HD image recording of the front of the room – great for presentations. DiscoveryLab is a powerful Professional Development tool to gain valuable insight and feedback on their teaching practice.

Ivanhoe Grammar - Campfire Project - DiscoveryLab (sml)

DiscoveryLab system for improving teacher practice

With many types of technology within the Learning Well, this well-designed room with high quality AV installations will provide a unique learning space for Ivanhoe Grammar to explore how different technologies and learning spaces impact learning for students.

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