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DiscoveryLab Installation Enhances Gale Pacific Training Sessions


DIB Australia were enlisted by Gale Pacific for the installation of a DiscoveryLab system in one of their training rooms. The DiscoveryLab system is a state-of-the-art technology that provides an easy was of recording of classroom lessons for later review in a highly-configurable manner. These recordings can be used to share lessons with those who cannot attend in person or for professional development purposes of teachers. The DIB team were brought in to integrate the DiscoveryLab system into the space’s existing projector system.

A full HD DiscoveryLab camera system was installed to record the training sessions. These high definition cameras can record in high resolution so that recordings are in the highest quality for the optimal learning experience, capturing all details of the session.

For the audio aspect of the installation, highly sensitive microphones were mounted from the ceiling. These are highly discreet and blend cleanly with the room, resulting in unobtrusive, clear audio recordings. A further lapel microphone from Sennheiser was included for audio capture directly from the lecturer.

discoverylab ceiling microphones

Discrete, highly-sensitive microphones were installed in the ceiling

A compact 20” LED preview monitor was installed. It provides a live copy of the images that the classroom capture system is recording. This brings confidence to presenters as to which configuration the system is in and what is being recorded.

The DiscoveryLab camera, preview monitor, and control panel

The DiscoveryLab camera, preview monitor, and control panel

It was important to the team at DIB that the system still be simple and intuitive to control, despite its depth and functionality. As such a Joey Lite control panel was installed underneath the preview monitor. This panel was customised to match the DiscoveryLab system, with clearly labelled buttons for turning the system on/off, start/stop recording, selecting the projector source, choosing which kind of capture mode to record in. With this design, presenters can handle every aspect of the DiscoverLab system from the one control panel.

This installation provides a great example of how DiscoveryLab can be integrated into an existing training room or classroom’s AV system. With this solution, Gale Pacific will be able to hold and record high quality training sessions. They will be able to share training sessions with those who could not attend in person. The saved recordings will allow for presenters to engage in powerful self-reflection and make for easy peer observations.


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