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Classroom Capture with DiscoveryLabTM

At the heart of DiscoveryLabTM is the ability for teachers to record lessons and then review them to help improve their teaching, through objective feedback. This can be of particular value within the peer observation or Triad models that exist in many schools. Whilst this is valuable and helpful for teachers, it is the Classroom Capture mode that opens up other possibilities and applications for the DiscoveryLabTM system.

HOW IT WORKS: The recording format called “Classroom Capture” is a picture-in-picture style recording, with the main display taken from the content on a staff’s laptop/PC, then a smaller inset picture of the front of the room, where the person presents. Staff simply place a USB stick into the port provided and it records everything in Full HD, with high quality audio, quickly and easily.

These applications include recording of lesson for students who might have missed one or more classes. This is very important, because often when learning occurs, if a part of the scaffolding of the student’s learning is missing, it can affect their overall understanding of the topic within the subject. Being able to review a lesson can help prevent any gaps in their learning and is therefore very valuable to students.

Other aspects of using Classroom Capture mode include

  • Guest Presenters can be recorded and rewatched for all relevant staff
  • School Administration use
  • Capturing teacher PD sessions
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Specific Training sessions, such as New Policies or Computer systems
  • Capturing small parts of lessons, then uploading to your school’s LMS
  • Recording content for a Flip Learning model

Lastly, schools who are purchasing video content for subjects could potentially create their own quality video content to assist students with their studies. Having your own teachers in the videos would also make the content be more relatable to students.


For more information on DiscoveryLabTM and how it can assist you in creating quality teaching content, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on 9457-4800 or Contact Us


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