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DiscoveryLab™ classroom capture system

Mt Ridley College Harness the Latest in Education Technology with DiscoveryLab™ System

Mt Ridley College is a high achieving school with growing enrollment, catering for Prep to Year 12 students. The school features modern facilities which are frequently upgraded and renovated to take advantage of the latest in education technology. Part of these improvements recently included the installation of a DiscoveryLab™ classroom capture system by the team at DIB Australia.

A DiscoveryLab™ system brings huge benefits to students and teachers alike, capable of recording lessons in the classroom. Classroom capture allows absent students to catch up on critical content. Watching a lesson in the video format also gives students the ability to pause and rewind so that they can tackle content at their own pace. Furthermore, these recordings become a vital part of revision for students, letting them go back and re-watch important lessons days, weeks, or even months later. This can be invaluable in consolidating their learning.

DiscoveryLab™ classroom capture system

DiscoveryLab™ classroom capture system

From the teacher’s perspective, classroom capture with DiscoveryLab™ provides them with unparalleled opportunity for self-improvement. Teachers can engage in powerful self-reflection and professional development by reviewing their own lessons or learn from the classroom captures of other more experienced teachers.

See here for a great article on the benefits of DiscoveryLab™ for teachers.

DIB Australia’s installation of the DiscoveryLab™ solution at Mt Ridley College included two full HD, high resolution cameras. Through the DiscoveryLab™ recording system these were configured to record both the presenter and the audience for the most complete classroom capture possible. Also included with the system was a 20″ LED monitor which displays a live preview of the recording, providing teachers and presenters with confidence as to what is being recorded.

LED preview monitor and customised wall control panel for control of classroom capture DiscoveryLab™ system

LED preview monitor and customised wall control panel

For control of the DiscoveryLab™ system the DIB team installed a customised Joey Lite simplified wall control panel. With this control panel, teachers can quickly set up a recording and clearly choose the desired capture mode (as detailed in the link below). The wall panel was specially designed to ensure easy operation of the system so that recordings are not at the expense of valuable lesson time.

Please see here for more details on the powerful benefits of DiscoveryLab™ in the classroom.

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