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Large video wall solutions for assembly spaces

Large venue assembly spaces increasingly demand high-quality large video and audio display solutions.  Previously projector technology was the only viable solution.  But increasing the cost of large video wall display solutions making use of LED Pixel pitch technology is becoming viable for Education spaces to install.

At DIB Audio Visual we specialize in creating tailor-made solutions for our Education clients that are carefully matched to their exact requirements.  By digging deeply during consulting to identify the exact use cases for the installed technology we are able to minimize waste (save money), simplify design and control interfaces – resulting in much higher levels of usability.

Simple to use:  our objective with complex audiovisual spaces is to help you create a system that ‘does not need user training’.  In the world of complex AV solutions, it is all too common that not only do users need training but that system design and configuration is so poorly aligned to the end-users that the spaces can only be operated with expert technicians present.

LED Pixel video wall installation, double motorised winch arrangement

LED pixel video wall – indoor pool solution

Quality and reliability:  critical for customers when making a significant investment in large-screen video wall technology.  Celebrating 20 years of AV solutions for schools, DIBAV works with carefully chosen manufacturers that have established and proven post-installation support.  The LED pixel video wall space has numerous direct from China import arrangement which offer varying levels of quality and sometimes little to no local support.  We understand that our clients make these investments expecting long operational period often approaching or exceeding 10 years and so our chosen solutions and partners are based on this understanding from the beginning.

3.9mm pixel pitch video wall solution

Screen size and resolution:  Screen size and resolution can be tailored to suit your specific requirement.  A signage application showing photo’s and large fonts such as powerpoint at a greater distance can make use of more effective pixel pitch sizes.   While the highest quality and or closer viewing distances will require the latest in small pixel pitch technology.
Typically screen sizes will start at about 100″ Widescreen and up, large venue screen sizes tend to start at 200-300″ widescreen image size (But any size is possible).  Other factors such as resistance to impact from basketballs and full IP65 weather protection will also influence the final chosen solution.  Wall mounting as well as ceiling suspended and motorised winch based solution are all available for different building requirements.

DIBAV can work with your Architect and consulting team to coordinate design between trades.

New building design:  LED pixel video wall systems can be tailored to your specific installation requirements.  DIBAV has extensive experience working with most leading Melbourne Architectural and Consulting firms to assist with coordinated design during the project planning phase.  If you are planning a new facility building and think large-screen video solutions may be of assistance, please contact us directly or ask your consulting team to do so on your behalf.

Designed with end-users in mind:  at DIBAV we are obsessive about ‘Simple to use’.  Larger assembly spaces have a unique blend of Simple and Complex use cases and over 20 years we have developed design strategies to ensure we meet the needs of these two distinct user groups.  We can set up your space so that within minutes it can go from being used by a classroom teacher with students back to an advanced configuration required for your theatrical production or large assembly.  No special patching required other than a few clicks of a button.


For assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today. Phone (03) 9457-4800 or email us at info@dibaustralia.com.au

During 2019, DIB Audio Visual celebrates 20 years of providing simple yet effective AV solutions to Education and Corporate clients.