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Professional Video Wall at Tennis Australia


As part of stage 2 of the Melbourne Park Redevelopment, past client Tennis Australia engaged the DIB team for the installation of a video wall in their Media department. Primarily, the display was to be used for presentations and playback of recorded media. You can read the text version of this blog here, or play the video version below for a comprehensive look at this fantastic video wall.

The DIB team worked with Tennis Australia to design and install a video wall solution, complete with custom control panel to ensure flexible control over the system. The video wall consisted of four  LG 55LV75A 55 inch screens in a 2×2 configuration. These displays are especially designed for use in a video wall setup. They have a super narrow bezel, which means that the border around the edge of the screen is as thin as possible. When installed as a video wall, this results in barely any perceivable gap between the screens, allowing them to combine to a single impressive and seamless display.

Combined mode

Video walls are a fantastic way of achieving a massive display without sacrificing image quality. Generally, it can be difficult and extremely expensive to have a large image while still providing sharp detail and vibrant colours. Video walls represent the best of both worlds by combining multiple smaller screens into a single large display which is stunning and crystal-clear.

With the installation of a Kramer Matrix, the system was configured with two modes of use – individual mode and combined mode. Combined mode allowed the video wall to display a single large picture while in individual mode it would display a single picture on each screen. For example, in individual mode three different TV channels and a laptop input could be displayed across the four screens.

Individual mode

DIB wanted to make sure that staff had an easy way to operate the system. To achieve this, we installed an Extron TLP Pro 5 inch touch panel. This was custom designed to provide an intuitive touch interface. From the panel staff can simply switch between the two main display modes and choose from the many inputs.

Configuring individual mode using the Extron control panel

If staff wanted to display video from their laptops or other devices they could connect to the video wall via a local HDMI input, or by using a dedicated laptop installed in the AV rack. The video wall could also display Free to Air TV with the installation of four set top boxes (one for each screen) in the AV rack. Finally, two spare HDMI ports were also included near the dedicated PC to allow for future inputs.

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