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High-end Renkus-Heinz IC24-R-II speakers complements the impressive 220″ Video Wall at Bacchus Marsh Grammar School

Bacchus Marsh Grammar is a Prep to Year 12 school of over 1,400 students, located in the western suburbs of Melbourne. The school looks to work with all students in developing them academically and socially in a holistic fashion. It has grown to become one of the leading P-12 schools in Melbourne.

So when the school saw an article in the DIB Newsletter on Parade College he contacted DIB Audio Visual. The brief given to us was to provide an AV solution for the inside double basketball courts, which was to be used for assemblies and other similar events. This type of environment for AV is difficult, but Sam Garden at DIB was up to the challenge. The main things to overcome in this type of space were lots of ambient light streaming through skylights and sound echoing throughout the large cavernous space.

Sam worked in conjunction with the builder and architect of the gymnasium at Bacchus Marsh Grammar. He gave some initial design options, but it was decided upon that a video wall would be installed. A huge amount of custom design went into this AV installation to make sure that it would work and perform well within the space. Design work included the removal of acoustic cladding on the hall and installation onto a video wall bracket which allows the screen to come out so that each screen could be serviced individually. In addition to this, an engineered enclosure was mounted in the hall (including cooling fans that exhausted on thermostat switches, which extracted the hot air and stopped the units overheating). The installation also included a custom, armour-protective roller shutter, which was integrated into the control system and designed to withstand basketball impact.

Bacchus Marsh Grammar School Gym Video Wall - Lectrum Lecturn L20S (med)

Video Wall closed with protective roller shutter

Sixteen 55” inch NEC commercial panels (X551UN) were carefully mounted in a 4×4 configuration to create the massive 220” screen. The panels had a higher resolution than 4K UHD (7680 x 4320), which was initially set at 1920 x 1080. The installation of the NEC commercial panels has ‘future-proofed’ the installation, making them ready to accept higher resolution content, when Ultra High Definition content becomes the standard.

Just as impressive as the video wall is, a matching speaker solution was also required and was specifically designed for the space. The extremely high-quality Renkus-Heinz IC24-R-II speakers were chosen for the AV solution. Each speaker contains 96 speaker elements, as well as 24 amplifiers and 24 digital signal processors. These speakers are a digitally controlled (steerable) column loudspeaker system (line array), which produces a vertically narrow beam whose level falls off more slowly with distance than the level of spherically radiating devices (standard speakers). It also means that each individual speaker can be programmed to be directed (steered), to maximise sound quality in the space. This means that the echo effects that often occur in this type of space are significantly minimised. The Renkus-Heinz IC24-R-II speakers are a very high quality speaker and, as such. come with a six-year warranty.

Renkus-Heinz IC24-R-II speaker (2) (med)

High-quality Renkus-Heinz IC24-R-II speakers

Renkus-Heinz IC24-R-II speaker (1) (med)

Close up of Renkus-Heinz IC24-R-II speakers

A large 42RU AV rack was the home for the signal and sound distribution for the huge video wall and the Renkus-Heinz speakers. The AV rack was conveniently located in a side room in the gymnasium for to allow for easy access and servicing.

Bacchus Marsh Grammar School Gym Video Wall - Shure Antenna Booster (UA830WB) - (med)

Extron IN1606 Six input Scaler inside Dueltek 42RU Rack

Bacchus Marsh Grammar School Gym - AV rack (med)

Peavey Digitool MX 16 Digital Audio processing unit inside Dueltek 42RU rack

Two Shure branded wireless microphone systems were provided (SLX24B58-L4 and SLX1484-L4), giving great flexibility with three handheld and one lapel microphone. A Shure antenna booster (UA830WB) was also included to help boost signal strength for the wireless microphones throughout the gym. To allow for greater flexibility, the AV system had two VGA (+audio) and two HDMI inputs installed for input into the video wall at different locations in the gymnasium.

Lectrum Lecturn L20S with laptop stand (med)

Lectrum Lecturn L20S with optional laptop stand

Finally, the Extron TLP 350M control panel was chosen and programmed to create a simple user interface for the Video Wall AV system. Behind this was a considerable amount of programming at testing to make sure the system had a simple to use interface and was as very reliable, through extensive testing.

CLICK to watch a video >> Bacchus Marsh Grammar School – Gymnasium Video Wall

By working closely with the staff, builder and architect at Bacchus Marsh Grammar, as well as the representative from Renkus-Heinz, DIB have created a great AV asset for the school to enjoy great assemblies and special events, whilst designed with future upgrade needs in mind.

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