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A new audiovisual system for Hampton Park Primary IT Lab

Hampton Park Primary strives to cultivate a learning environment where students are taught the skills necessary to monitor and manage their learning, develop the mindset to be creative, flexible and innovative and learn to effectively problem solve by approaching issues logically and with an open mind. Hampton Park encourages students to aim for excellence in everything […]... Read More »

New interactive projector for Bellbridge Primary

Bellbridge Primary educates students in a safe, vibrant environment where they are supported in their learning. Students are also encouraged to step out of their comfort zone by engaging in a wide range of activities and new opportunities. Further, Bellbridge Primary believes in the importance of technology in educating the youth of today; thus, they furnish each […]... Read More »

Fresh installation for Melbourne Girls Grammar studio

Since 1893, Melbourne Girls Grammar prides itself on being a front runner in girls’ education. Melbourne Girls Grammar strives to empower their students and encourage them to be more confident in their capacity to achieve high academic standards. With innovative learning and co-curricular programs, supplemented by state-of-the-art facilities, the school not only prepares students for the ever-changing and […]... Read More »

A new monitor for Melbourne Grammar meeting room

Melbourne Grammar School actively maintains its long history of academic excellence by providing a comprehensive, fulfilling education to over 1,800 students. By fostering a supportive, strong environment where students are allowed to grow and excel, Melbourne Grammar aims to support students as they develop intellectual, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Melbourne Grammar further strives to provide […]... Read More »

CPSU sees audio visual upgrade in their training room

The Community & Public Sector Union (CPSU) is an organisation that strives to protect the rights of their members. Their philosophy is constituted on the beliefs that every worker deserves to work in a safe workplace, treated with dignity and respect, and be compensated fairly for their time. As such, the CPSU provides high-quality services such as […]... Read More »

AV revamp for Kilvington Grammar School’s Dalton Hall

Kilvington Grammar School is an independent Baptist school that takes pride in offering a comprehensive education from early years to VCE. Kilvington Grammar strives to foster a rich, diverse coeducational environment where girls and boys are provided with a wide range of opportunities that not only help them excel academically, but also prepare for the […]... Read More »

Four OLGC classrooms receive projector upgrades

Our Lady of Good Counsel (OLGC) is a primary school that takes a contemporary approach to Catholic education. The school integrates faith and life into their innovative learning and teaching practices, better shaping students into mindful, respectful individuals who are not afraid to think critically. OLGC supports personalised learning, and takes pride in being responsive […]... Read More »

SOTS classrooms gains a new interactive projector

Star of the Sea College (SOTS) is an all-girls college that takes great pride in cultivating an inclusive environment where young women are known, cared for and supported. As such, the college not only aims to imbue within students a confidence that they are capable of excelling in any endeavor, but encourages young women to […]... Read More »

AV refresh for Melbourne Girls Grammar classrooms

Melbourne Girls Grammar is an all-girls school that takes pride in being a front runner in girls’ education since the school’s inception in 1893. With a long track record for excellence, the school strives to maintain this reputation by constantly putting their students’ well being at the forefront. Melbourne Girls Grammar encourages their students to […]... Read More »

Melbourne Girls Grammar spaces receive AV makeover

Melbourne Girls Grammar is an all-girls school that takes pride in being a leader in girls’ education since the school’s establishment in 1893. With a reputation for excellence, the school strives to encourage students to be more confident and independent, preparing them for the ever-changing and dynamic world beyond the classroom. With world-class learning and […]... Read More »