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EPSON EB-2055 Installation Projector at CPSU

EPSON EB-2055 Installation Projector

CPSU sees audio visual upgrade in their training room

The Community & Public Sector Union (CPSU) is an organisation that strives to protect the rights of their members. Their philosophy is constituted on the beliefs that every worker deserves to work in a safe workplace, treated with dignity and respect, and be compensated fairly for their time. As such, the CPSU provides high-quality services such as giving specialist advice and support to their members on a variety of different issues such as workplace conflict, harassment and bullying, and workers’ compensation. In order to better give their members the aid they need, CPSU strives to ensure that their staff are best prepared to tackle any problem that comes their way by giving them the latest technology.

The CPSU approached the team at DIB with a simple project in mind: to upgrade the projector system in their training room. This was to help new recruits be better taught by existing staff, and get on with the important work faster.

Installation process

For this project, an EPSON EB-2055 Installation Projector was installed in the training room. With 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and XGA resolution, this projector produces ultra bright, crisp images. This ensures that any content displayed on screen is not only readable and visible to all, but it is also more eye-catching, which can spur more productivity.

Example display by EPSON EB-2055 Installation Projector

Example display by EPSON EB-2055 Installation Projector

The projector also features a myriad of ways through users can connect their devices. Users can to only project content locally via a USB cable connection or through the HDMI & VGA inputs, but also wirelessly, giving people the ability to monitor, control and present from a remote location.

Thanks to the projector’s automatic setup feature, which automatically adjusts focus and zoom at the touch of a button, there’s less stress for users when setting up the projector. DIB also adds another element of simplicity in that the new system will be connected to the room’s existing AV cabling. This further lessens hassle for the IT team.

Example display by EPSON EB-2055 Installation Projector at CPSU

Example display by EPSON EB-2055 Installation Projector

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