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EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector at SOTS

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector

SOTS classrooms gains a new interactive projector

Star of the Sea College (SOTS) is an all-girls college that takes great pride in cultivating an inclusive environment where young women are known, cared for and supported. As such, the college not only aims to imbue within students a confidence that they are capable of excelling in any endeavor, but encourages young women to strive to be her best and be a considerate, responsible global citizen. SOTS’ curriculum comprises of a broad range of subjects that caters to all interests and abilities, complimented by an equally rich and varied co-curricular program that challenges students to go beyond their comfort zones and further pushes them to excellence.

The DIB team was approached by SOTS with the desire to upgrade the AV system in one of their classrooms. After considering the needs of the client, a DIB sales consultant created a solution that fit the client’s requirements.

Installation process

The primary installation in this project is the EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector. Interactive projectors are changing the educational landscape in that they provide a new element of excitement in the classroom. Students and teachers are able to use their fingers or special pens to interact with the projector, allowing for a more hands-on experience that increases student engagement. The projector is also hassle-free to set up, as there is no need to install additional hardware and drivers, which saves teachers time and stress. Further, the projector’s 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness means that the projector is capable of producing ultra-bright images, which can further attract a student’s attention.

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector and an EPSON speaker system at SOTS

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector and an EPSON speaker system

While the projector comes with built-in 16W speakers, enough to fill the classroom with sound, DIB further installed an EPSON 30 Watt external powered speaker system. These speakers, which match the projector system, act as audio reinforcement. The system reduces buzz and noise that lessens audio quality, ensuring that any played audio is high-quality and crystal clear. Additionally, a 3.5mm socket was fitted to allow for an iPod / MP3 player to play audio direct to the speaker system without needing to turn on the projector system.

DIB upgraded, reprogrammed and relocated an existing JED control panel to suit the new projector system. The old panel was upgraded to a JED T460, which was programmed to allow for ease of access and control in the classroom. The control panel was set up to include buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume and select the source to be projected.

JED T460 wall control panel

JED T460 wall control panel

HDMI and VGA/Audio input plates were installed to provide users with a variety of different ways to connect their devices. Further, a USB wall plate was also fitted to be used with the interactive display. This plate will allow users to plug in a USB and save notes directly from the projector.

HDMI and VGA/Audio input plates at SOTS

HDMI and VGA/Audio input plates

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