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Classroom Installations

EPSON EB-685W and the Vivi system at Melbourne Girls Grammar

EPSON EB-685W and the Vivi system

Melbourne Girls Grammar spaces receive AV makeover

Melbourne Girls Grammar is an all-girls school that takes pride in being a leader in girls’ education since the school’s establishment in 1893. With a reputation for excellence, the school strives to encourage students to be more confident and independent, preparing them for the ever-changing and dynamic world beyond the classroom. With world-class learning and co-curricular programs and state-of-the-art facilities, Melbourne Girls Grammar not only inspires students to achieve their academic best, but provides them with the opportunities to discover who they are meant to be. This commitment to empowering young women means that the school actively refreshes their technological facilities, ensuring that the students have the best resources at their disposal.

The team at DIB was engaged by Melbourne Girls Grammar with a desire to upgrade the AV systems in their Merton Hall. This included nine classrooms, two seminar rooms and an open area learning space. After reviewing the building and gauging what the client would like to see in each room, DIB proposed a solution that answered the needs of the school.

Installation process

Each collaborative space was fitted with the VIVI Wireless Receiver. VIVI is an innovative piece of educational software that transforms any space into an interactive, engaging one. Vivi’s screen mirroring technology not allows teachers to easily present content from their screens, but also allows students to be more engaged with the lesson by allowing them to share content from their individual devices too. This opens a channel of immediate feedback for students, allowing teachers to praise students for their hard work, or knowing where to help them improve. The VIVI is very versatile in that it supports most, if not all, operating systems, meaning that users can connect regardless of what type of device they have.

The Vivi system in collaborative areas in Melbourne Girls Grammar

The Vivi system in collaborative areas

Three of the classrooms were also fitted with a new EPSON EB-685W Ultra Short Throw Projector projector. With a brightness 3,500 lumens, the projector is able to produce ultra bright, crystal clear images. This is furthered by the ultra short throw nature of the projector, meaning that shadows and glare that may obscure the projected images are reduced.

EPSON EB-685W Ultra Short Throw Projector projector at Melbourne Girls Grammar

EPSON EB-685W Ultra Short Throw Projector projector

Most of the learning spaces either had a JED 4 button wall control panel fitted or reprogrammed and relabeled to suit newly installed systems. These panels were selected by DIB because they emphasise simplicity in the classrooms. They simplify the operation of the installed systems by condensing all of their functions in one place. The panels are often set up to include buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume and select the source to be displayed.

JED 4 button wall control panel at Melbourne Girls Grammar

JED 4 button wall control panel

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