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Brighton Grammar is buzzing with activity in the BHIVE

Brighton Grammar is buzzing with activity in the BHIVE. Modern schools are embracing technology and purpose-built centres to support 21st Century Learning. The Brighton Grammar BHIVE (which stands for the home of innovation, learning and entrepreneurship) is one such example. As a valued client of DIB Audiovisual, we were delighted to ‘bee’ involved in this […]... Read More »

Interactive Projector for PLC’s Multi Purpose Room

Presbyterian Ladies College has been renowned as a leader in girls’ education for over 140 years. Immersed in a Christian environment, the girls are encouraged to develop a respect and concern for others, to acquire leadership skills and self-discipline and to have a sensitive, informed understanding of other cultures. DIB has worked closely with PLC for […]... Read More »

PLC Music School fitted with new AV equipment pt. 2

Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) is an established, reputable college, dedicated in their mission to educating and empowering girls. By fostering a learning environment where students feel safe and welcomed, PLC nurtures and acknowledges the potential of each student, supporting them on their journey to excellence. The college also offers a wide range of diverse opportunities […]... Read More »

Transform your classroom with the Vivi

During lessons, it is important that the equipment within the classroom is diverse and flexible in order to anticipate any needs that students and staff may have. For this purpose, the Vivi is perfect. The Vivi changes the educational landscape thanks to its screen mirroring technology, transforming the classroom into an interactive, collaborative learning space that […]... Read More »

Fresh Monitors for St John’s Regional College

St John’s Regional College is a Catholic secondary school located in Dandenong. The school opened in 1958 with 69 students and has grown steadily, now catering to over 924 students. St John’s Regional College teaches students with a mission “to foster and develop independence, adaptability, creativity, innovation, technological literacy, communication, and critical and reflective thinking.” […]... Read More »

Quick Guide to Vivi: Engage Every Student

Vivi is a new technology supplied by DIB Australia. In a nutshell, Vivi is a wireless presentation tool that enables teachers and students to share, display, annotate, capture, and save information in real time. Using Vivi, teachers can display whatever they want including videos, websites, presentations, and exercises. Students can then effortlessly capture what is […]... Read More »