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Classroom Installations

Fresh Monitors for St John’s Regional College

St John’s Regional College is a Catholic secondary school located in Dandenong. The school opened in 1958 with 69 students and has grown steadily, now catering to over 924 students. St John’s Regional College teaches students with a mission “to foster and develop independence, adaptability, creativity, innovation, technological literacy, communication, and critical and reflective thinking.” These teaching goals are aligned with 21st-century education. Central to these goals listed by the school is technology literacy. In order to make sure the students are able to understand and command technology, St John’s school attempts to provide the very best education technology tools. The use of these tools promotes a contemporary pedagogical practice and results in collaboration and innovation.

St John’s Regional College approached the team at DIB Australia in order to enhance their classroom technology. The particular area that St John’s wanted to improve was the technology in the library. DIB worked to understand the needs and desires of the staff and students in order to recommend and install the perfect education technology products.

Installation process

The library had two designated pods which are used as separate learning areas. The same technology was installed in both areas.

A Philips 32″ Full HD Commercial Lite monitor (Q-Line) was installed in both areas. This screen is a top-of-the-line 32″ full HD Commercial monitor. It boasts features like a 1920 x 1080 resolution, slim neat design, and connectivity with external digital devices. The team at DIB installed these monitors with a 15-degree tilt so that the teachers and students views are enhanced.

Philips 32″ Full HD Commercial Lite monitor.

A Vivi wireless receiver and software was also installed in the two tech areas of the library. Vivi is a wireless presentation tool that allows teachers and students to share, display, annotate, capture, and save information in real time. This allows students to capture the presentation and add their own notes and annotations to the lesson. In this way, students can easily reflect on the lessons delivered and understand the meaning in their own words. This tool is extremely beneficial for the twenty-first-century classroom.

Additionally, the library had two manual AV trolleys with integrated shelves installed. These trolleys supported two of the schools existing monitors.

manual AV trolleys with integrated shelves.

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