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Vivi: Engage Every Student

Quick Guide to Vivi: Engage Every Student

Vivi is a new technology supplied by DIB Australia. In a nutshell, Vivi is a wireless presentation tool that enables teachers and students to share, display, annotate, capture, and save information in real time. Using Vivi, teachers can display whatever they want including videos, websites, presentations, and exercises. Students can then effortlessly capture what is being displayed and annotate the content with their own notes on their own device.

As Vivi is wireless, teachers and students can move freely around the classroom with their devices to work with one another while staying connected. Importantly, it’s super-easy to use and will automatically connect to the enabled devices of students and teachers the moment they enter the classroom. Vivi is highly versatile and works across operating systems and regardless of whether the student is using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

vivie engage every student wireless device

The Vivi wireless device

Vivi was created as a response to the modern classroom environment where education technologies are commonplace and students are more active participants than ever before. It allows students to access learning content effortlessly, engage more actively, and collaborate more effectively.

Even though the classroom model is moving from a teacher-centred classroom to a flexible learning environment, current technology still restricts teachers to the front of the classroom. But Vivi is now challenging this dilemma. The ability to transform any space instantly into a creative and interactive environment is a game-changer. Vivi is simple, intuitive and powerful and I am confident that it will soon help become an indispensable tool
for every Australian classroom” – Mark Sullivan, Director of Innovative Technologies Pymble Ladies’ College 

For more information about Vivi or for assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today. Phone (03) 9457-4800 or email us on info@dibaustralia.com.au.

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