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Wyndham Cultural Centre steps into the future with Meeting Mate

The renovation of the Wyndham City Council’s community centres focused on an audio-visual update. The technological improvements were vital to each centres updates as Wyndham City Council’s goal was to give everyone in the community access to the latest education technology. Notably, the update of the Wyndham Cultural Centre featured the impressive EPSON EB-1430Wi Meeting Mate Finger […]... Read More »

Epson EasyMP Multi-PC Projection

So what is Epson Multi-PC projection and what applications can it have in an education or business setting? The main application for Multi-PC Projection is to allow multiple PCs to share content via the main display. This is great for sharing learnings from each student, to create a more collaborative and shared environment. This of […]... Read More »

So you want to set up a collaborative classroom?

In the modern-day classroom there is quite a bit of technology that is being implemented in a classroom. This can be an installed AV system, as well as laptop / tablet program. Trying to leverage this technology to get more collaboration and participation of students in the classroom setting is not always easy. Some educators […]... Read More »

Epson announces 5-year Express Exchange Service Pack

Epson recently announced that they would be offering a 5-year Express Exchange Service Pack with all new Epson interactive projectors. This 5-year Total Coverage option is available through DIB Australia and gives the benefit of obtaining a replacement Epson projector, if a projector plays up at any time within the 5 year period. This is […]... Read More »